Investment Banking Network

How to Apply to the Investment Banking Workshop

The IBW is invitation-only. Members are selected during the spring semester of a student's sophomore year, and the workshop is a 16-month commitment (generally September of a student's junior year to December of the student's senior year). Accepted members must be present on campus during this time period and be active participants. Any exceptions must be specifically approved by Professor Haeberle in advance as a part of the application process. The application process is as follows:

  • Complete the attached application and submit to Professor Haeberle by the due date on the application along with a professional resume (note that the GPA requirement of 3.50 on a 4.0 scale is strictly adhered to).
  • Professor Haeberle will conduct interviews within a few weeks of the application deadline.
  • Students selected will be announced prior to the end of the spring semester.

Please address Professor Haeberle with additional questions that you may have, preferably in advance of your application.

Thomas Cole   |   Managing Director Leveraged Finance Citigroup   |   Kelley School Graduate '83

“ Having now worked as a Managing Director with multiple investment banks, including HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Continental Bank & Trust, and now at Citigroup, I have had the opportunity to compare Kelley School undergraduates against students from other fine universities working at multiple firms. The skills students develop in the Investment Banking Network at the Kelley School are second to none, and the performance of these young professionals is most often higher than their peer group. In addition to Kelley School student's competitive drive for success, their mid-western work ethic set them apart from students and young professionals from other universities. ”

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