Haizhen Lin

Basic Information

        Position: Assistant Professor, Business Economics and Public Policy, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

        Doctoral Studies: Boston University, Department of Economics

        Email:   hzlin@indiana.edu

        Vita:   CV




Health Economics

Industrial Organization

Applied Econometrics

Law and Economics



Quality choice and market structure: A dynamic analysis of nursing home oligopolies, International Economic Review, forthcoming.

Competition and price discrimination in the parking garage industry, with Yijia Wang, Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming.

Public health insurance expansions and hospital technology adoption, with Seth Freedman and Kosali Simon, Journal of Public Economics, 121, 117-131, 2015.

Revisiting the relationship between nurse staffing and quality of care in nursing homes: An instrumental variables approach, Journal of Health Economics, 37, 13-24, 2014.

Innovation and optimal punishment, with antitrust applications, with Keith Hylton, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 10(1), 1-25, 2014.

The impact of the partnership long-term care insurance program on private coverage, with Jeffrey Prince, Journal of Health Economics, 32(6), 1205-1213, 2013.

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Negligence, causation, and incentives for care, with Keith Hylton, International Review of Law and Economics, 35, 80-89, 2013.

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American and European monopolization law: A doctrinal and empirical comparison, with Keith Hylton, in Regulating Innovation: Competition Policy and Patent Law under Uncertainty, Cambridge University Press, 252-283, 2011.


Working Papers on Health and Industrial Organization

Search and prices in Medigap insurance policies, with Matthijs Wildenbeest, revise and resubmit, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics.

Determinants of policy response: The case of the partnership long-term care insurance program, with Jeffrey Prince, revise and resubmit, Health Services Research.

Information technology and patient health: An expanded analysis of outcomes, populations, and mechanisms, with Seth Freedman and Jeffrey Prince, under review.

Basic cable network segmentation toward minorities and other niche audiences in a digital world: An empirical study of cable advertising, with Sung Wook Ji and David Waterman, under review.

The interplay of private insurance subsidy and public insurance spending: Evidence from long-term care partnership program, with Robert Town, paper available upon request.

Do minimum quality standards improve quality of care? A case study of the nursing home Industry


Working Papers on Law and Economics

A formalization and extension of the Priest-Klein hypothesis, with Keith Hylton, under review.