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Indiana University Bloomington


Kelley Sponsors

Shaping the Future Sales Force

Established in 1996, the Center for Global Sales Leadership is one of the nation’s first educational sales research centers located at a nationally ranked business school. Funded exclusively through corporate sponsorship, the Center works closely with its Sponsors to create programs and events that motivate students to pursue careers in professional selling and sales management. By investing in the Center, corporations are connected to students who may one day make significant contributions to their organization.

By bringing students, faculty, and business leaders together, the Center:

  • shapes Kelley's curriculum to reflect real-world sales and business practices
  • discusses contemporary issues facing the sales force
  • engages professional sales people in student networking and learning activities.

At the heart of our success is the stellar reputation and ranking of the Kelley School of Business, a world-renowned marketing faculty, highly successful students who are the “best of the best,” and strategic partnerships with leaders in the business sector.

Our success depends on our ability to listen to and anticipate the needs of our Sponsors, and to continually develop new relationships with corporate partners. After all, it is our goal to connect tomorrow's sales leaders with our Sponsors, the world's top corporations.

Top Students=Top Employees

The Kelley School of Business has a solid history for developing top-notch students for sales and marketing positions with the world’s most successful companies. More than half of our undergraduate marketing majors and students in other majors pursue careers in sales—that's about 200 students every year.

Outstanding students are encouraged to apply for membership in the exclusive Global Sales Workshop. Funded by the Center for Global Sales Leadership, this student-run group connects Kelley undergraduates with sales professionals to learn about real-world opportunities as well as challenges and expectations through case studies, round-table discussions, and networking events such as etiquette dinners and corporate visits.