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Indiana University Bloomington

Corporate Model


President and Chief Executive Officer

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) serves as the leader and primary representative of the organization. The CEO is responsible for defining and articulating the organization’s vision and developing a strategic plan that advances the organization’s mission. The CEO makes strategic decisions, approves budgets, forms partnerships, and hires teams to direct and guide the organization. The CEO will promote a culture that reflects the organization’s primary objectives of recruitment, development, and branding while rewarding productivity. The CEO will evaluate the organization’s and the senior management’s performance on a regular basis and reinforce accountability. The CEO will work closely with the COO to ensure the organization fulfills its mission and strategic goals.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) helps the Chief Executive Officer set the overall strategy and direction for the Workshop. The COO leads the Workshop’s senior management by developing and communicating the Workshop’s strategy and mission to the rest of the Senior Leadership Team, implementing appropriate recognition and coaching to the Workshop as well as corrective practices to better align the Workshop with its mission and goals. The COO is also responsible for reporting the status of the Workshop’s day-to-day operations to the CEO, and for acting as liaison between the Workshop and its Corporate Sponsors.

Chief Financial Officer

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to create and maintain the Workshop's Budget. The CFO works with senior management, advisors, sponsors, and the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership Development to ensure appropriate funding and payment for Workshop activities and events.

Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for the communication of the Workshop’s identity and the management of the Workshop’s image through marketing and branding. The CMO works to sculpt the Workshop’s mission and vision into branded messages that are distributed on campus, in the community, and nationally to bring awareness to the Workshop and its achievements.

Chief Talent Officer

The Chief Talent Officer (CTO) is responsible for managing the Workshop’s members and talent. The CTO facilitates a Spring and Fall recruitment for the Workshop that focuses on discovering new talent that aligns with and enhances the Workshop’s mission and vision. The CTO will also lead on-going recruitment efforts throughout the year. It is also the responsibility of the CTO to provide recognition to members who excel and instigate corrective action to members who no longer show a desire to work to develop their sales and leadership talent.

Chief Learning Officer

The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is responsible for the development and success of Workshop members by ensuring that the Workshop’s mission of developing its members’ professional sales skills is incorporated into the Workshop’s activities and events. The CLO will work with the CEO and COO to help develop the vision and mission and then facilitate communication to the Development Team and the Workshop. The CLO will consistently assess the development of members and provide revolutionary training that furthers the Workshop’s vision while personally and professionally developing each member.

Chief of Client Services

The Chief of Client Services is responsible for developing Workshop members personally through the execution of Workshop networking events and team-building functions. The Chief of Client Services will work to create opportunities for Workshop members to network with Corporate Sponsors in a social environment to facilitate development. It is also the responsibility of the Chief of Client Services to encourage innovative and interactive participation in meetings and events that furthers the Workshop’s mission of fostering a teamwork environment.

Chief of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Chief of Corporate Social Responsibility is responsible for the development and execution of the Workshop’s social responsibility and community involvement which includes all of the Workshop’s community and philanthropic events.

Chief of Diversity

The Chief of Diversity is responsible for the outreach and recruitment of all diverse and underrepresented populations that takes place both within the Kelley School of Business and on Indiana University’s campus in an effort to ensure that these populations are aware of the Global Sales Workshop and feel welcome to apply.