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Indiana University Bloomington

Corporate Model


Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Division is responsible for the Workshop’s recruitment of new talent and the on-boarding of new Associate Sales Representatives. The HR team will reach out to other campus organizations to find potential members who exemplify leadership at Indiana University. The team will also coordinate with faculty and department chairs within the Kelley School of Business in order to recruit and select elite business students for potential positions within the Workshop. The HR team will assist the Chief Talent Officer and the HR Manager in the planning and execution of recruitment events and the training of new members.

Sales Development

The Sales Development division is responsible for the development of member’s sales skills. The Development team’s principle responsibility will be the creation and execution of interactive sales training tutorials that take place during Workshop meetings. The Development team will also work to prepare members for sales competitions by conducting sale skills review workshops, interactive role plays, and demonstrations of the scientifically validated SPIN Selling Model. The Development team will work in conjunction with the HR Division to develop the recruitment presentations. The Development team will report to the Manager of Development and the CLO to promote and progress sales leadership development in the Workshop.


The Marketing division is responsible for the communication of the Workshop’s identity and image to our Corporate Sponsors, the Kelley School of Business, and the Indiana University campus. The Marketing team accomplishes this communication through specific branding initiatives. These include on-going Workshop advertising and branding, informational tables and presentations during recruitment, and the development of bi-weekly Workshop newsletters and bulletin board up-dates. The Marketing Division will be lead by the Marketing Manager and the Chief Marketing Officer.

Client Services

The Client Services division is responsible for providing services to our Corporate Sponsors and the Workshop with the goal of fostering personal and professional relationships between Workshop members and corporate Sales Representatives. Client Services will maintain close relationships with the Workshop’s Sponsors and alumni to secure their presence at Workshop functions. The Client Services team accomplishes this through the execution of Workshop networking events and team-building functions with Sponsors and alumni such as an Etiquette dinner, End-of-year Banquet, and Ropes Course activities. The Client Services team will host informal Social events and formal corporate networking events such as the Chicago Trip to visit the offices of Workshop Sponsors. The Client Services team will be lead by the Manager of Client Services and the Vice President of Client Services.

Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility division focuses on providing members with the opportunity to give back to the community. The Social Responsibility team is responsible for co-sponsoring philanthropy initiatives with Indiana University campus organizations and nationally recognized not-for-profit organizations. The Social Responsibility team will also work to give back to the local community and state through the ‘High School Days’initiative, which includes preparing educational presentations for local high schools on topics such as sales leadership, time management, and corporate communication. The Social Responsibility Division will work with the Manager of Social Responsibility and will report to the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility.