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Indiana University Bloomington

Corporate Model

Associate Sales Representatives

Associate Sales Representative (ASR) is a provisional position that is awarded to new members upon entering the Workshop. The purpose of the ASR position is to provide a training and experiential period for new members in order to determine whether the new member’s goals and aspirations align with the Workshop’s mission and culture. During this trial period, ASRs have the same responsibilities as the Sales Representatives. After four weeks from the date of hire, a decision will be made by the Senior Leadership Team and Division Manager to either promote the ASR to SR, take other actions to extend the trial period, or in rare cases remove the new member from the Workshop.

Photo of Cara Yaffe
Cara Yaffe Global Sales Workshop | Kelley School Junior

“What attracted me most to the Global Sales Workshop was the opportunity to engage in real life situations that would allow me to enhance my sales and social skills. Being part of an elite group such as the Society allows me to meet new people and work with other inspiring students and sales executives; something I find very important and beneficial. I was looking to get involved with real life sales and leadership experiences versus solely academia. The Global Sales Workshop was the perfect fit for me.”