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Indiana University Bloomington

Corporate Model

The organizational structure of the Global Sales Workshop is closely modeled after a real-life corporation. The Workshop is advised by a Board of Directors, and managed by a Chief Executive Officer and President, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Leadership Team.

The Workshop’s corporate structure provides many benefits to its members; one of the most significant being providing members with the opportunity to work “part time” in a corporate environment throughout the academic year. Through interaction with supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates, members gain experience creating and fostering relationships and managing their peers.

The corporate structure of the Global Sales Workshop helps prepare members personally and professionally for summer internships or full-time positions after graduation. The structure also provides members with a competitive environment in which they must prove their professional skills and effectively manage others in order to advance within the Workshop. It is the goal of the Global Sales Workshop to develop our members and provide smooth transitions into the real corporate cultures at our Sponsors' companies.

Photo of Kyle Bucher
Grant Utendahl | Kelley School Junior

“Joining the Global Sales Workshop was the best choice I have made towards a career in professional selling. GSLS is a profound group that has greatly enhanced my communication and sales skills which has given me more value and marketability going into the business world. GSLS individuals never just graze the surface of sales, they burrow deep because of the experienced gained from sales competitions, internships, corporate guest speakers, other society members and more. This society provides the tools required for succeeding in business and our members utilize them. ”