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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Finance

Alumni Spotlight

Pankaj Jain

Pankaj Jain PHD'02

Assistant Professor of Finance and Director of the International MBA program, University of Memphis

I like having the ability to choose my area of research and potentially become an expert in that area. With this flexibility, work isnít work anymore. Itís fun.Ē


Doctoral Program

We offer a rigorous, highly structured doctoral program that develops the core skills required for a successful career in financial economics. Our primary objective is to develop scholars who will join top academic institutions and make important contributions to the field of financial economics.

The program offers a thorough grounding in the basic tools of economics, statistics, and mathematics through a series of introductory courses followed by five well-defined seminars that cover the major areas of financial economics.

In addition to gaining basic analytical tools, students learn to develop economic intuition into financial problems and acquire the necessary mind-set to teach and conduct independent research as a university professor.


Because we are committed to enhancing students’ ability to teach well, students are required to attend a basic seminar in teaching pedagogy during their first semester. Other degree requirements include finance courses and seminars, research, a qualifying exam, thesis, and a minor (finance students normally minor in mathematics, economics, or business economics).

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