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#1 First-Year ROI among Top 20 schools.

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Kelley's Institute for Business Analytics leads insightful research on using data to drive better business decisions.
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This bimonthly journal from the Kelley School of Business publishes original articles on a wide range of timely topics, prompting new and innovative thoughts on business.
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Kelley's faculty research has worldwide reach and influence. In a Social Science Research Network study, our faculty members ranked among the top in the nation for having the most frequently downloaded research publications.

Our more than 200 faculty members shape scholarship in nearly every aspect of business today, authoring leading textbooks used by universities around the world. Major donors, corporations, and grants support their work, committed to furthering business education and research.

Recent & Forthcoming Publications


Bergh, D. D., Herman Aguinis, C. Heavey, D. J. Ketchen, B. K. Boyd, P. Su, C. Lau, and Harry Joo
“Using meta-analytic structural equation modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship,” forthcoming Strategic Management Journal

Bernerth, J. and Herman Aguinis
“A critical review and best-practice recommendations for control variable usage,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

Bosco, F. A., Herman Aguinis, J. G. Field, C. A. Pierce, and D. R. Dalton
“HARKing’s threat to organizational research: Evidence from primary and meta-analytic sources,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

Terjesen, Siri
“The Right Stuff: A NASA Technology-Based New Venture and the Search for Markets on Earth,” forthcoming Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice


Aguinis, Herman, E. O'Boyle, E. Gonzalez-Mulé, and Harry Joo
“Cumulative advantage: Conductors and insulators of heavy-tailed productivity distributions and productivity stars,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

Aguinis, Herman and S. A. Culpepper
“An expanded decision making procedure for examining cross-level interaction effects with multilevel modeling,” forthcoming Organizational Research Methods

Anderson, B. S., P. N. Kreiser, D. F. Kuratko, and J. S. Hornsby
“Reconceptualizing Entrepreneurial Orientation,” forthcoming Strategic Management Journal

Che, Hai, Chunhua Wu, Tat Chan, and Xianghua Lu
“The Economic Values of Online Reviews,” forthcoming Marketing Science

Covin, J. G., R. P. Garrett, D. F. Kuratko, and D. A. Shepherd
“Value Proposition Evolution and the Performance of Internal Corporate Ventures,” forthcoming Journal of Business Venturing

Crawford, G. C., Herman Aguinis, H. Lichtenstein, B. Davidsson, and B. McKelvey
“Power law distributions in entrepreneurship: Implications for theory and research,” forthcoming Journal of Business Venturing

Krishna, Aradhba, Kelly B. Herd, and Nilüfer Z. Aydınoğlu
“Wetting the Bed at Twenty-one: Embarrassment as a Private Emotion,” forthcoming Journal of Consumer Psychology

Kuratko, D. F., J. S. Hornsby, and J. Hayton
“Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Innovative Challenge for a New Global Economic Reality,” forthcoming Small Business Economics

Kuratko, D. F., M. H. Morris, and M. Schindehutte
“Understanding the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship through Framework Approaches,” forthcoming Small Business Economics

Mallapragada, Girish, Rajdeep Grewal, Raj Mehta, and Ravi Dharwadkar
“Virtual Interfirm Relationships: Examining Heterogeneity in the Effects of Dependence Structures on Relational Outcomes,” forthcoming Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Prenkert, Jaime D, Scott J Shackelford, and Tim Fort
“How Businesses Can Promote Cyber Peace,” forthcoming University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law

Ragland, C. B., L. Brouthers, and S. Widnier
“Institutional Theory and International Market Selection for Direct Selling,” forthcoming Marketing Intelligence & Planning

Ragland, C. B., S. Widmier, and L. Brouthers
“A Factor Endowment Approach to International Market Selection for the Direct Selling Industry,” forthcoming Journal of Strategic Marketing

Raymond, Anjanette and Scott J. Shackelford
“Jury Glasses: Wearable Technology and its Role in Crowdsourcing Justice,” forthcoming Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution

Rodriguez, M., C. B. Ragland, and E. Honeycutt
“Entertainment Orientation and Teaching Entertaining Strategies in Professional Sales Education and Training,” forthcoming Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing

Sun, Yacheng, Shibo Li, and Baohong Sun
“An Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Consumer Purchase Decisions under Price-Discrimination Bucket-Pricing,” forthcoming Marketing Science

Terjesen, S., E. Couto, and P. Francisco
“Independent and female directors and agency costs: A multi-country study,” forthcoming Journal of Management and Governance

Terjesen, S. and D. Politis
“In Praise of Multidisciplinary Scholarship and the Polymath,” forthcoming Academy of Management Learning & Education

Urbig, D., S. Terjesen, V. Procher, K. Muehlfed, and A. van Witteloostuijn
“Come on and take a free ride: Contributing to public goods in native and foreign language settings,” forthcoming Academy of Management Learning & Education

Wu, Qingsheng, Xueming Luo, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf, and Jaakko Aspara
“Sleeping with Competitors: The Impact of NPD Phases on Stock Market Reactions to Horizontal Collaboration,” forthcoming Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Aguinis, Herman and Harry Joo
“Debunking myths and urban legends about how to identify influential outliers,” More statistical and methodological myths and urban legends

Chin, M.K. and M. Semadeni
“CEO Political Ideologies and Pay Egalitarianism within Top Management Teams”

Adams, R., J. de Haan, S. Terjesen, and H. van Ees
“Board Diversity: Moving the Field Forward,” Corporate Governance: An International Review

Berry, C.M. and P. Zhao
“Addressing criticisms of existing predictive bias research: Cognitive ability test scores still overpredict African Americans’ job performance.,” Journal of Applied Psychology

Bhattacharya, Utpal, Alexander Borisov, and Xiaoyun Yu
Firm Mortality and Natal Financial Care,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Bosco, F. A., Herman Aguinis, K. Singh, J. G. Field, and C. A. Pierce
“Correlational effect size benchmarks,” Journal of Applied Psychology

Cady, J. F.
“Make, Buy, Lease, Rent or Crowdsource: Talent Acquisition Strategies for Business Analytics,” On Analytics

Cornaggia, Jess, Yifei Mao, Xuan Tian, and Brian Wolfe
Does Banking Competition Affect Innovation?,” Journal of Financial Economics

Pierce, J. R. and Herman Aguinis
“Detrimental citizenship behavior: A multilevel framework of antecedents and consequences,” Management and Organization Review

Raymond, Anjanette, Scott J. Shackelford, Eric L. Richards, and Amanda N. Craig
“Using BITs To Protect Bytes: Promoting Cyber Peace and Safeguarding Trade Secrets through Bilateral Investment Treaties,” American Business Law Journal

Sundaresan, S. M. and Z. Wang
On the Design of Contingent Capital with a Market Trigger,” Journal of Finance


Allee, K.D., D.P. Lynch, K.R. Petroni, and J.H. Schroeder
Do Property Taxes Affect Real Operating Decisions and Market Prices for Crude Oil?,” forthcoming Contemporary Accounting Research

Bala, H. and V. Venkatesh
“Adaptation to Technology: A Holistic Nomological Network from Technology Implementation to Job Outcomes,” forthcoming Management Science

Billett, Matthew T., R. Elkamhi, L. Popov, and R. S. Pungaliya
Bank Skin in the Game and Loan Contract Design: Evidence from Covenant-Lite Loans,” forthcoming Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Carbo-Valverde, S., F. Rodriguez-Fernandez, and G. F. Udell
Trade Credit, the Financial Crisis, and SME Access to Finance,” forthcoming Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Cazier, Richard, Sonja Rego, Xiaoli Tian, and Ryan Wilson
“The Impact of Increased Disclosure Requirements and the Standardization of Accounting Practices on Earnings Management through the Reserve for Income Taxes,” forthcoming Review of Accounting Studies

Chang, C., G. Liao, Xiaoyun Yu, and Z. Ni
Information from Relationship Lending: Evidence from Loan Defaults in China,” forthcoming Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

Chemmanur, Thomas, Elena Loutskina, and Xuan Tian
Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, and Innovation,” forthcoming Review of Financial Studies

Cui, Ruomeng, Gad Allon, Achal Bassamboo, and Jan Van Mieghem
Information Sharing in Supply Chains: An Empirical and Theoretical Valuation,” forthcoming Management Science

Ding, Amy Wenxuan, Shibo Li, and Patrali Chatterjee
“Learning User Real-Time Intent for Optimal Dynamic Webpage Transformation,” forthcoming Information Systems Research

Drori, I., D. Landau, and Siri Terjesen
“Multiple Legitimacy Narratives and Planned Organizational Change,” forthcoming Human Relations

Frame, A. M. and A. F. Mills
“Condition-Dependent Mate Choice: a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach,” forthcoming Theoretical Population Biology

Giannetti, M., G. Liao, and Xiaoyun Yu
The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: Evidence from China,” forthcoming Journal of Finance

Goldman, E. and P. Huang
Contractual Versus Actual Separation Pay following CEO Turnover,” forthcoming Management Science

Israelsen, Ryan
Does Common Analyst Coverage Explain Excess Comovement?,” forthcoming Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Krepely Pool, V., N. Stoffman, and S. Yonker
The People in Your Neighborhood: Social Interactions and Mutual Fund Portfolios,” forthcoming Journal of Finance

Li, Shibo, Eugene Sivadas, and Mark Johnson
“Explaining Article Influence: Capturing Article Citability and Its Dynamic Effects,” forthcoming Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Longenecker, C., M. Mallin, and C. B. Ragland
“The Sales Manager Development Gap: Are Leaders Equipped to "Walk the Walk?,” forthcoming Selling & Major Account Management

Mallin, M., C. B. Ragland, and T. Finkle
“The Proactive Behavior of Younger Salespeople: Antecedents and Outcomes,” forthcoming Journal of Marketing Channels

Muñoz, M. Illueca, L. Norden, and G. F. Udell
Liberalization and Risk Taking: Evidence from Government-Controlled Banks,” forthcoming Review of Finance

Prenkert, Jamie D., Stephen L. Hayford, and Anjanette H. Raymond
“Employment Arbitration at the Crossroads: An Assessment and Call for Action,” forthcoming Journal of Dispute Resolution

Presbitero, A. F., G. F. Udell, and A. Zazzaro
The Home Bias and the Credit Crunch: A Regional Perspective,” forthcoming Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Prince, Jeffrey T. and Daniel Simon
Do Incumbents Improve Service Quality in Response to Entry: Evidence from Airlines’ On-Time Performance,” forthcoming Management Science

Raymond, Anjanette
“The Dilemma of Private Justice Systems: Big Data Sources, the Cloud and Predictive Analytics,” forthcoming Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business

Raymond, Anjanette, Stephen L. Hayford, and Jamie Prenkert
“Employment Arbitration at the Cross Roads: An Assessment and Call for Action,” forthcoming Journal of Dispute Resolution

Raymond, Anjanette
“Yeah, but Did You See the Gorilla? Creating and Protecting an "Informed" Consumer in Cross Border Online Dispute Resolution,” forthcoming Harvard Negotiation Law Review

Raymond, Anjanette and Abbey Stemler
“When Baby-Steps Just Won't Work: Small Farmers are Our Best Hope Reducing Food Insecurity and We are Not Doing Enough,” forthcoming Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business

Stoffman, N.
Who Trades with Whom? Individuals, Institutions, and Returns,” forthcoming Journal of Financial Markets

Terjesen, S., R. Aguilera, and R. Lorenz
“Legislating a Woman’s Seat on the Board: Institutional Factors Driving Gender Quotas for Boards of Directors,” forthcoming Journal of Business Ethics

Yu, Qiuping, Gad Allon, and Achal Bassamboo
How do Delay Announcements Shape Customer Behavior? An Empirical Study,” forthcoming Management Science

Cui, Ruomeng, Santiago Gallino, Antonio Moreno-Garcia, and Dennis Zhang
The Operational Value of Social Media Information.

Cui, Ruomeng and Hyoduk Shin
Sharing Aggregate Inventory Information with Customers: Strategic Cross-selling and Shortage Reduction,” Management Science

Fort, Timothy L.
Diplomat in the Corner Office: How Business Contributes to Peace

Fort, Timothy L.
Vision of the Firm: Ethics & Organizations

Fort, Timothy L. and S. Presser
Business Law

Stern, Jerrold J.
Tax Concepts and Analysis (15th Edition)

Aguinis, Herman
“Revisiting some “established facts” in the field of management,” Business Research Quarterly

Aguinis, Herman and Ernest O'Boyle
“Star performers in twenty-first-century organizations,” Personnel Psychology

Aguinis, Herman and Kyle J. Bradley
“Best-practice recommendations for designing and implementing experimental vignette methodology studies,” Organizational Research Methods

Aguinis, Herman, Kyle J Bradley, and A Brodersen
“Industrial-Organizational psychologists in business schools: Brain drain or eye opener?,” Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice

Aguinis, Herman and J. R. Edwards
“Methodological wishes for the next decade and how to make wishes come true,” Journal of Management Studies

Aguinis, Herman and R. J. Vandenberg
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Improving research quality before data collection,” Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

Aguinis, Herman and Harry Joo
“Research on Hispanics benefits the field of management,” Journal of Managerial Psychology

Aguinis, Herman, D. L. Shapiro, E. Antonacopoulou, and T. G. Cummings
“Scholarly impact: A pluralist conceptualization,” Academy of Management Learning and Education

Baye, Michael R. and Jeffrey T. Prince
Managerial Economics and Business Strategy (8th Edition)

Besiou, Maria, Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
Vehicle Supply Chains in Humanitarian Operations: Decentralization, Operational Mix and Earmarked Funding. ,” Production and Operations Management

Billett, Matthew T., Zhan Jiang, and Lopo L. Rego
“Glamour Brands and Glamour Stocks,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Bishop, J., Joshua E. Perry, and A. Hine
“Efficient, Compassionate, and Fractured: Contemporary Care in the ICU,” The Hastings Center Report

Briscoe, F., M.K. Chin, and D.C. Hambrick
“CEO Ideology as an Element of the Corporate Opportunity Structure for Social Activists,” Academy of Management Journal

Cattani, K., G. C. Souza, and S. Ye
Shelf Loathing: Cross Docking at an Online Retailer,” Production and Operations Management

Chandukala, Sandeep R., Jeffrey P. Dotson, Qing Liu, and Stephan Conrady
“Exploring the Relationship Between Online Search and Offline Sales for Better "Nowcasting",” Customer Needs and Solutions

Covin, J. G. and D. Miller
“International entrepreneurial orientation: Conceptual considerations, research themes, measurement issues, and future research directions,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Fang, Vivian, Xuan Tian, and Sheri Tice
Does Stock Liquidity Enhance or Impede Firm Innovation?,” Journal of Finance

Guo, S., G. Aydin, and G. C. Souza
Dismantle or Remanufacture?,” European Journal of Operational Research

Han, Da Hee, Adam Duhachek, and Nidhi Agrawal
“When Emotions Shape Construal Level: The Case of Guilt and Shame,” Journal of Consumer Research

Holden, Craig W
Excel Modeling in Investments (Fifth Edition)

Holden, Craig W
Excel Modeling in Corporate Finance (Fifth Edition)

Holden, Craig W and Stacey Jacobsen
Liquidity Measurement Problems in Fast, Competitive Markets: Expensive and Cheap Solutions,” Journal of Finance

Hsu, Po-Hsuan, Xuan Tian, and Yan Xuan
Financial Development and Innovation: Cross-country Evidence,” Journal of Financial Economics

Jacobs, F. Robert and Peter Salzarulo
“The incremental value of central control in serial supply chain,” International Journal of Production Research

Khatri, Vijay, Sudha Ram, Richard T. Snodgrass, and Paolo Terenziani
Capturing Telic/Atelic Temporal Data Semantics: Generalizing Conventional Conceptual Models,” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

Kumar, Anand, Ali Besharat, Charles Lindsey, and H. Shanker Krishnan
“Contextual and Competitive Interference: Inhibition or Facilitation?,” Journal of Advertising

Kuratko, D. F., J. G. Covin, and J. S. Hornsby
“Why Implementing Corporate Innovation is So Difficult,” Business Horizons

Kuratko, D. F., J. S. Hornsby, and J. G. Covin
“Diagnosing a Firm’s Internal Environment for Corporate Entrepreneurship,” Business Horizons

Kuratko, Donald F.
Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice (9th Edition)

Langvardt, Arlen
“Tobacco Advertising and the First Amendment: Striking the Right Balance,” William & Mary Business Law Review

Li, Hongshuang (Alice) and P.K. Kannan
“Attributing Conversions in Multichannel Online Marketing Environment: An Empirical Model and a Field Experiment,” Journal of Marketing Research

Longenecker, C., C. B. Ragland, and M. Mallin
“Developing High Performance Sales Managers: Key Practices for Accelerating Growth,” Development and Learning in Organizations

MacKenzie, Scott, Nathan P. Podsakoff, Philip M. Podsakoff, Timothy D. Maynes, and Trevor M. Spoelma
“Consequences of Unit-Level Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: A Review and Recommendations for Future Research,” Journal of Organizational Behavior

Mills, A. F., N. T. Argon, S. Ziya, B. Hiestand, and J. E. Winslow
“ReSTART: A Novel Framework For Resource- Based Triage in Mass-Casualty Events,” Journal of Special Operations Medicine

Olsen, Mitchell C., Rebecca J. Slotegraaf, and Sandeep Rao Chandukala
“Green Claims and Message Frames: How Green New Products Change Brand Attitude,” Journal of Marketing

Patel, Pankaj C., Stephanie Fernhaber, Patricia McDougall-Covin, and Robert van der Have
“Beating Competitors to International Markets: The Value of Geographically Balanced Networks for Innovation,” Strategic Management Journal

Perry, Joshua E., Dena Cox, and Anthony D. Cox
“Trust and Transparency: Patient Perceptions of Physicians' Financial Relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies,” Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Prince, Jeff and Shane Greenstein
Does Service Bundling Reduce Churn?,” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy

Prince, Jeff, Vrinda Kadiyali, and Daniel Simon
Is Dual Agency in Real Estate a Cause for Concern?,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Raymond, Anjanette
“Pliers and Screwdrivers as Contributory Infringement Devices: Why Your Local Repair Shop Might Be a Copyright Infringer and What We Must Do To Stop the Craziness,” Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property

Raymond, Anjanette and Scott J. Shackelford
“Building the Virtual Courthouse: Ethical Considerations for Design, Implementation, and Regulation in the World of ODR,” Wisconsin Law Review

Raymond, Anjanette and Scott J. Shackelford
“Technology, Ethics And Access To Justice: Should An Algorithm Be Deciding Your Case?,” Michigan Journal of International Law

Raymond, Anjanette and Abbey Stemler
“Trusting Strangers: Dispute Resolution in the Crowd,” Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution

Rusetski, Alexander, Jonlee Andrews, and Daniel C. Smith
“Unjustified Prices: Environmental Drivers of Managers' Propensity to Overprice,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Celikyurt, Ugur, Merih Sevilir, and Anil Shivdasani
“Venture Capitalists on Boards of Mature Public Firms,” Review of Financial Studies

Shackelford, Scott J
“Neither Magic Bullet Nor Lost Cause: Land Titling and the Wealth of Nations,” New York University Environmental Law Journal

Shackelford, Scott J.
“Governing the Final Frontier: A Polycentric Approach to Managing Space Weaponization and Debris,” American Business Law Journal

Shackelford, Scott J
Managing Cyber Attacks in International Law, Business and Relations: In Search of Cyber Peace

Tian, Xuan and Tracy Wang
Tolerance for Failure and Corporate Innovation,” Review of Financial Studies

Yoon, Hye Jin and Mark Mayer
“Do Humor and Threat Work Well Together? The Moderating Effect of Need for Cognition in Humorous Threat Persuasion Advertisements,” International Journal of Advertising

Yu, Xiaoyun
Securities Fraud and Corporate Finance: Recent Developments,” Managerial Decision and Economics

Zhang, Xiaoling, Shibo Li, Raymond R. Burke, and Alex Leykin
“An Examination of Social Influence on Shopper Behavior Using Video Tracking Data,” Journal of Marketing

Zhou, F., J. D. Blocher, X. Hu, and H. S. Heese
Optimal Single Machine Scheduling of Products with Components and Changeover Cost,” European Journal of Operational Research

Kelley Faculty

Research with global impact.
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Return on Investment

#1 First-Year ROI among Top 20 schools.

Full-Time MBA Program, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014 Read more

Research Publications

Kelley's Institute for Business Analytics leads insightful research on using data to drive better business decisions.
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This bimonthly journal from the Kelley School of Business publishes original articles on a wide range of timely topics, prompting new and innovative thoughts on business.
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