Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course



The Spreadsheet Modeling course teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel 2007 as both a reporting tool and a modeling tool for solving business problems. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced users of Microsoft Excel. The course begins with an in-depth tour of the Excel environment and includes many helpful shortcuts and tips for mastering the functions in Excel. You can apply this knowledge to creating spreadsheet models, powerful tools for analyzing data and making business decisions. The course is set in a fictional bakery specializing in French pastries. You'll be able to use the features of Microsoft Excel to study product costs, determine pricing, and track payroll. Then build spreadsheet models to help make more informed business decisions. The course closes with the Monte Carlo simulation, a tool for understanding the effect of uncertainty on business decisions. Course topics are presented in a highly interactive format with narrated animations and self-correcting exercises designed to engage you in the learning process and help you understand complex concepts quickly. Microsoft Excel worksheets are included to assist users as they work towards mastering the subject matter. The course includes pre- and post-assessments.


Winston, Wayne and Sarah Fairchild Sherry (2008), "Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course", Harvard Business Review.

(Wrote several chapters, supported author in content and evaluative materials development.) 

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