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Of Birkenstocks and Wingtips: Open Source Licenses

2005, EDUCAUSE Review

P. B. Gandel, Bradley C. Wheeler


The notion of collaborating to create open source applications for higher education is rapidly gaining momentum. From course management systems to ERP financial systems, higher education institutions are working together to explore whether they can in fact build a better mousetrap. As Lois Brooks, of Stanford University, recently observed, the open source movement is as much about building communities as it is about developing and sharing applications. The idea of open source communities even extends into the realm of content, with the development of the MIT Open CourseWare (OCW) Initiative and the promotion of shared institutional digital repositories.


Gandel, P. B. and B. C. Wheeler (2005), "Of Birkenstocks and Wingtips: Open Source Licenses,"  EDUCAUSE Review, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 10-11.

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