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Retrieval Disruption in Collaborative Groups Due to Brand Cues

2007, Journal of Consumer Research

Charles D Lindsey, H. Shanker Krishnan


This research examines the effect of brand cues on retrieval of target brands by individuals in collaborative (vs. noncollaborative) settings. We examine two theories, salience of the brand cue and retrieval-strategy disruption, as potential explanations. Two experiments show that brand cues lead to greater inhibition of target brands in a collaborative versus a noncollaborative setting. The theoretical contribution is the exposition of a double-cueing effect of brand cues such that both (a) cue salience and (b) cue-induced retrieval-strategy disruption are greater for individuals in a collaborative setting. The discussion highlights additional theoretical implications of this research.


Lindsey, Charles D. and H. Shanker Krishnan (2007) "Retrieval Disruption in Collaborative Groups Due to Brand Cues," Journal of Consumer Research, 33 (4), 470-478.


Research featured in LiveScience, Yahoo News, Fox News, MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh's talk show; Lindsey interviewed live on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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