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Online/In-Store Integration and Customer Retention

2005, Journal of Service Research

E. Bendoly, J. D. Blocher, K. M. Bretthauer, S. Krishnan, M. A. Venkataramanan


Reducing the risks believed to be associated with product availability can be critical to increasing consumer retention rates. This study considers the role that perceptions of channel integration have on such beliefs and their impact on purchasing decisions. Surveys distributed to purchasers of specific goods both online and in-store provide data used in the analysis of these effects. The findings suggest that firms simultaneously managing both online and in-store channels should not only reassess the repercussions of availability failures but also consider efforts that encourage the transparency of channel integration.


Bendoly, E., J.D. Blocher, K.M. Bretthauer, S. Krishnan, and M.A. Venkataramanan (2005), "Online/In-Store Integration and Customer Retention", Journal of Service Research, Vol.7, No. 4, May, pp. 313-327.

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