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Dollarization in VN

2005, forthcoming

A. Hauskrecht, Nguyen Thanh Hai


The paper maps the dollarization process in Vietnam since the beginning 1990s. We analyze the pros and cons of complete currency substitution. We discuss different forms and degrees of dollarization, and why some countries dollarized and others not. Further, the paper analyzes the case of partial dollarization, its implied risks for financial sector stability and the underlying dynamics of dollarization. Finally, we describe ways to reverse dollarization. The main conclusions are that dollarization is not a viable exchange rate regime option for Vietnam; furthermore, the current status of a partly dollarized economy poses considerable risks for financial sector stability and makes the country prone to exogenous shocks. The recent dollarization of banks’ loan portfolio has considerably increased systemic risk. The foreseeable opening of the Vietnamese economy will significantly increase the risks related to dollarization.


Hauskrecht, A., and Nguyen Thanh Hai (2005):  Dollarization in VN, forthcoming.

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