Daniel Greiner

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(812) 855-0887

1309 E. 10th Street
Room HH 6100

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Finance


  • Bloomington

Professional Interests

  • Finance


I-Core Finance Professor Dan Greiner likens himself to a coach: he's intense at times and has high expectations-but he's also quick with encouraging words. After eight years of teaching at Kelley, he knows how important encouragement can be to push students to do their best. "Our curriculum is very structured and this helps students to reach higher levels of learning. It is a demanding program and students know this well before they reach I-Core. But they love the challenge. They know they're going to be pushed in a program that's ambitious and they're determined to do it. "I like to say that I-Core is the capstone to our prerequisites. It pulls together so many applied subjects-finance, marketing, operations, and strategy- that rely on skills in accounting, technology, communications, math, and economics. Students walk away from I-Core saying, 'Wow! Now I can see where those prereqs fit!' "I-Core is also a personal challenge. It emotionally pushes students. I try to convey the feeling that I care for them and that I know they can learn the concepts-a sense of 'we're going to get you through this.' Our students walk away from I-Core feeling that the world has thrown them a challenge but that they handled it. It's a great feeling of personal success."

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