Dan R. Dalton

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Contact Information

  • Professor of Management and Dean Emeritus of the Kelley School of Business
  • Harold A. Poling Chair of Strategic Management
  • Founding Director of the Institute for Corporate Governance


  • Bloomington


  • PhD, University of California-Irvine, 1979
  • MBA, California State-Long Beach, 1975
  • BS, California State-Long Beach, 1969

Professional Interests

Corporate Governance, Strategic Leadership, Research Methods & Analyses

Current Projects

  • Consultation and Expert Testimony in a Variety of Litigation Contexts
  • Governance, Strategic Leadership, and Risk Assessment in a Variety of Corporate Contexts

Selected Publications

  • Dalton, Dan R., & Aguinis, H. (2013), "Measurement Malaise in Strategic Management Studies: The Case of Corporate Governance Research," Organizational Research Methods, 16: 88-99.
  • Dalton, Dan R. (2013), "Board Turnover: Low … and Getting Lower," Directors & Boards, 2nd Quarter: 19-22.
  • Aguinis, H., Gottfredson, R. K., Culpepper, S. A., Dalton, Dan R., & DeBruin, G. P.  (2013), "Doing Good and Doing Well: On the Multiple Contributions of Journal Editors," forthcoming, Academy of Management Learning and Education.
  • Dalton, Dan R., Aguinis, H., Dalton, C. A., Bosco, F. A., & Pierce, C. A. (2012), "Revisiting the File Drawer Problem in Meta-Analysis: An Assessment of Published and Non-Published Correlation Matrices," Personnel Psychology, 65: 221-249.
  • Dalton, Dan R. (2012), "Counterpoints to Separating the Role of CEO and Board Chair," The Corporate Board, 33: 16-20.
  • Aguinis, Herman, C. A. Pierce, F. A. Bosco, Dan R. Dalton, and C. M. Dalton (2011), "Debunking Myths and Urban Legends about Meta-Analysis," Organizational Research Methods, Vol. 14, No. 2, April, pp. 306-331.
  • Aguinis, H., Dan R. Dalton, F. A. Bosco, C. A. Pierce, and C. M. Dalton (2011), "Meta-Analytic Choices and Judgment Calls: Implications for Theory Development and Testing, Obtained Effect Sizes, and Scholarly Impact," Journal of Management, Vol. 37, No. 1, January, pp. 5-38.
  • Dalton, Dan R. and C. M. Dalton (2011), "The Integration of Micro- and Macro-Studies in Corporate Governance Research: CEO Duality, Board Composition, and Financial Performance," Organizational Research Methods, Vol. 37, No. 2, March, pp. 404-411.
  • Hillman, A., C. Shropshire, S. T. Certo, Dan R. Dalton, and C. M. Dalton (2011), "What I Like About You: A Multi-Level Study of Shareholder Discontent with Director Monitoring," Organization Science, Vol. 22, No. 3, May-June, pp. 675-687.

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