Enterprise Resource Management

  • 7-weeks
  • 1.5 credits
  • Prerequisite: MBA Core

P507 is a course about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Their importance in today's business world becomes obvious when you consider that most Fortune 500 companies use one of the more popular ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, or Baan. In this course we will use SAP R/3 software.

What is an ERP system? Simply stated, ERP systems employ software that integrates the application programs in accounting, sales, manufacturing, and many other business functions into a common database. They operate in real-time, meaning that the exact status of the organization is always available. Further, many are global. You will gain hands-on experience with SAP R/3, the most widely used ERP system in the world.

We will use Harvard cases and HBR readings to understand the management and implementation issues associated with ERP.

A project dealing with the Outdoors Incorporated business case will be used to provide you experience in configuring ERP software and using the software to evaluate company performance. SAP R/3 will be used to configure the operations for Outdoors Incorporated.

With the configuration process complete, you will then, for example, process orders from customers, purchase from suppliers, and perform production planning.

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