Short-Term Financial Management

  • 7-weeks
  • 1.5 credits
  • Prerequisite: MBA Core

The Short-Term Financial Management course is designed to give the MBA student an exposure to the issues and problems addressed in the treasury function of a corporation. The focus of the course is on identifying, structuring, and applying finance concepts to solve short-term or operating financial problems. The topics covered in this course include a short-term evaluation model, cash management, short-term lending arrangements, cash forecasting, and credit policy. Since the focus is on the operating decisions in the treasurer’s office, market imperfections, institutional arrangements, and information problems that impede or assist solution to treasury problems are addressed.

  • The development and application of a NPV model for evaluation of short-term finance decisions
  • Payment mechanisms and payment systems
  • Cash management system design and implementation, including collection, concentration, and disbursement
  • Measuring and managing corporate liquidity
  • Managing short-term funding
  • Forecasting short-term cash flows
  • Hedging interest rate risk
  • The financial impact of credit policy

Class Materials: Maness and Zietlow, Short-Term Financial Management. Selected cases and article reprints.  

Grading Criteria: Case analysis, examinations, and class participation.


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