Introduction to Financial Management

  • 16-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: A200 or (A201 or A205) or (A202 or A207)

Broad survey of finance for non-Kelley School students. Topics include the determinants of interest rates and the time value of money; the sources and uses of financial information; the structure, role, and regulation of financial markets; monetary policy; the pricing of risk in financial markets; goals of investors; and how firms manage their financial affairs, including planning, budgeting, and decision making.

Learning Objectives:
I.   Introduction: How to gather information
II.  Interest Rates & Time Value of Money         
     A.  Interest rates and exchange rates      
     B.  Time Value of Money
III. Financial Systems, Markets and Securities      
     A.  The financial system & securities      
     B.  The financial markets, investment banks & brokers
IV. Financial Planning      
     A.  Financial statements & planning      
     B.  Cash budgeting & working capital management
V.  Fixed Asset Investing & Their Financing      
     A.  Capital budgeting      
     B.  Long-term sources of capital      
     C.  Cost of capital and capital structure  

Typical Text: Finance, An Integrated Global Approach, Shetty, McGrath, and Hammerbacher

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