Personal Finance

  • 15-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: None

Financial problems encountered in managing individual affairs: family budgeting, installment buying, insurance, home ownership, and investing in securities. No credit for juniors and seniors in the Kelley School.

Description:  An introduction to the concepts of Personal Finance. Provides a complete frame work for understanding the process of accumulating and protecting personal wealth, emphasizing the analysis of risk/return relationships as well as learning to understand investment alternatives and how strategies develop as life situations mature.


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Planning Your Personal Finances      

     A. Personal Financial Planning: An Introduction      

     B. Personal Career Strategies      

     C. Money Management Strategy: Financial Statements and Budgeting      

     D. Planning Your Tax Strategy 

II.  Managing Your Personal Finances      

     A. The Banking Services of Financial Institutions      

     B. Introduction to Consumer Credit      

     C. Choosing a Source of Credit: The Costs of Credit Alternatives 

III. Making Your Purchasing Decisions       

     A. Consumer Purchasing Strategies and Legal Protection       

     B. The Finances of Housing       

     C. Transportation Options and Costs 

IV.  Insuring Your Resources       

     A. Personal Risks and Insurance       

     B. Home the Automobile Insurance       

     C. Health Care and Disability Insurance       

     D. Life Insurance 

V.   Investing Your Financial Resources       

     A. Fundamentals of Investing       

     B. Investing in Stocks       

     C. Investing in Bonds 

VI.  Investing in Mutual Funds and Investment Companies        

     A. Real Estate and Other Investment Alternatives 

VII. Controlling Your Financial Future        

     A. Retirement Planning        

     B. Estate Planning  


Typical Text:  Personal Finance; Kapoor, Dlabay, and Hughes

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