The Life Sciences Industry from Research to Patient

  • 8-weeks
  • 1.5 credits
  • Prerequisite:

Offered Fall, 2nd 8 weeks

This course is part of a 2 course program leading to a Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences. For more info on the certificate program, please visit: The course introduces students to the different parts of the life sciences industry and highlights some of the challenges and opportunities currently being faced. Sections of the industry included are basic science, medical devices, pharmaceuticals/ generic/biologics , distributors, health care providers, insurers, contract services and specialized suppliers. The business of life sciences is made more successful when those involved in the industry recognize and understand the value added at each stage. A Kelley student interested in a life science career will benefit from a deeper understanding of how the whole value chain/network functions. The course is organized by George Telthorst and taught by guest speakers who are subject matter experts drawn from different parts of the industry. In addition to looking at “the big picture”, student teams will work on a “real world” project focusing on at least one specific part of the value chain. The course grade will be based on attendance, class participation and the team project.

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