Seminar in Strategic Management I

  • 15-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: PhD candidacy or instructor’s permission

This course is designed as a broad survey of major and foundational topics in the field of strategic management.  Its objectives are (1) to familiarize students with some of the primary theoretical underpinnings and core concepts of the strategic management field, (2) to review decision areas and challenges involving research methods within the domain of strategic management, and (3) to provide a forum in which students can further develop the writing skills they will need as strategic management scholars.  Topics covered in the course include: an historical and theoretical overview of strategic management, core concepts in strategic management, selected theoretical lenses of strategic management, the drivers and consequences of firm performance, corporate governance and general management, strategy content, strategic processes, industry and environmental considerations in strategic management, and organizational considerations in strategic management.  Class sessions are devoted to (1) reviewing and critiquing readings associated with the aforementioned topics, (2) developing, refining, and presenting research ideas, and (3) explaining the research and publication processes.

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