Topics in Microeconometrics

  • 15-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: None

The purpose of this course is to cover important topics and techniques that have been developed and applied in microeconometrics. While applications of these models are often found in microeconomic fields, they are also quite useful in other economic fields and other social sciences. Specifically, we will mainly focus on the following two topics: panel data and qualitative variables and limited dependent variables. These two type models have shown wide applicability in empirical work and have been areas of great interest in econometrics in the last decades. In addition to the emphasis on the statistical inference of these models, we will also pay attention to the application of these models in industrial organization, labor, health, and elsewhere in the social sciences. It is hoped that throughout the course, students will not only have a thorough knowledge on the up-to-date development in these models, but also develop some important skills in analyzing these models and applying them to the empirical work.

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