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A100: Basic Accounting Skills

A200: Foundations of Accounting

A201: Introduction to Financial Accounting

A202: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

A205: Honors Introduction to Financial Accounting

A207: Introduction to Managerial Accounting: Honors

A310: Management Decisions and Financial Reporting

A311: Intermediate Accounting I

A312: Intermediate Accounting II

A324: Cost Management

A325: Cost Accounting

A327: Tax Analysis

A329: Taxes and Decision Making

A337: Accounting Information Systems

A422: Advanced Financial Accounting I

A424: Auditing & Assurance Services

A437: Advanced Management Accounting

A490: Independent Study in Accounting


C104: Business Presentations

C106: Business Presentations: Honors

C204: Business Communication

C205: Business Communication: Honors

C301: Communication for Accountants

C330: International Communication Strategies


D270: The Global Business Environment

D271: Global Business Analysis

D272: Global Business Immersion

D311: Global Management

D312: Building Managerial Cross Cultural Competencies

D365: Cross Cultural Management

D411: International Competitive Strategy

D490: Independent Study in International Business

D496: Foreign Study in Business


F228: Introduction to Investment Banking

F260: Personal Finance

F262: Financial Markets

F300: Introduction to Financial Management

F303: Intermediate Investments

F304: Financial Management: Honors

F305: Intermediate Corporate Finance

F307: Working Capital Management

F317: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance

F335: Security Trading and Market Making

F370: Integrated Business Core-Finance Component

F402: Corporate Financial Strategy and Governance

F408: Real Options and Strategic Capital Investment

F419: Behavioral Finance

F420: Equity and Fixed Income Investments

F421: Derivative Securities and Corporate Risk Management

F428: Investment Banking

F429: Investment Banking II

F446: Banking and Financial Intermediation

F490: Independent Study in Finance

F494: International Finance


G100: Business in the Information Age

G101: Business in the Information Age: Honors

G202: Business, Government and Society

G256: Analysis of Emerging Economies

G300: Introduction to Managerial Economics and Strategy

G303: Game Theory for Business Strategy

G304: Managerial Economics

G309: China in Transition

G316: Sustainable Enterprise

G345: Money, Banking, and Capital Markets

G350: Business Econometrics

G400: Capstone in Economic Consulting

G406: Business Enterprise and Public Policy

G456: Non-Market Risk Consulting

G490: Independent Study in Business Economics and Public Policy

G492: Data Analysis using Economic Modeling

G494: Public Policy and the International Economy


I370: Integrative Core: Discussion


J304: Strategic Management: Honors

J306: Strategic Management and Leadership

J375: Strategic Management

J411: Analysis of Business Decisions

J420 : Advanced Case Analysis & Effective Consulting

J490: Independent Study in Policy


K201: The Computer in Business

K204: Honors: The Computer in Business

K311: Enterprise Data Technologies

K315: Business Process Management

K317: Collaboration and Workflow

K327: Deterministic Models in Operations Research

K353: Business Analytics and Modeling

K360: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Application Integration


L100: Personal Law

L201: Legal Environment of Business

L250: Law and the Arts

L255: Topics in Business Law

L272: Global Business Immersion

L293: Honors: Legal Environment of Business

L302: Sustainability Law & Policy

L304: Critical Thinking, Decisionmaking, and Advocacy

L305: Business Planning and Corporate Law

L307: Forms of Business & Commercial Finance Law

L311: Law for Entrepreneurs

L312: The Ethical Responsibilities of Business

L314: International Business Law

L315: The Business and Law of Entertainment and Sports

L350: Online Law

L355: Topics in Business Law: Law, Ethics & Professional Responsibility in the Financial Markets

L355: Topics in Business Law: Kelley LEADS

L356: Intellectual Property Law & Strategy in a Global Environment

L360: Topics in Business Ethics

L406: Employment Problems and the Law

L408: Real Estate Law

L409: Law and the Environment

L413: Applied Dispute Resolution

L455: Topics in Business Law

L470: Research in Business Law and Public Policy

L490: Independent Study in Business Law


M255: Topics in Marketing: Marketing in Our World Today

M300: Introduction to Marketing

M303: Marketing Research

M304: Honors Marketing Management

M306: Global Sales Workshop I

M311: Introduction to Marketing Communications

M312: Retail Marketing Management

M330: Consultative Selling

M344: Creativity and Communication

M346: Analysis of Marketing Data

M360: Sales for Social Impact

M370: Integrated Business Core--Marketing Component

M401: International Marketing

M402: Marketing Channels

M405: Consumer Behavior

M406: Global Sales Workshop II

M407: Business-to-Business Marketing

M415: Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

M419: Retail Strategy

M426: Sales Management

M429: Legal Aspects of Marketing

M431: Brand Management

M432: Digital Marketing

M447: Mathematical Models and Applications I

M448: Mathematical Models and Applications II

M450: Marketing Strategy

M455: Topics in Marketing - New Product Development

M455: Topics in Marketing - Pricing

M455: Topics in Marketing - Advanced Professional Sales Practicum

M455: Topics in Marketing - Retail Analytics

M490: Independent Study in Marketing


P300: Introduction to Operations Management

P304: Operations Management: Honors

P316: Sustainable Operations

P320: Supply Chain Management: Sourcing

P355: Lean Six Sigma

P355: Data Mining

P370: Integrated Business Core—Operations Component

P421: Supply Chain Management: Material Planning and Logistics

P429: Operations Processes

P431: Supply Chain Management: Logistics and Distribution

P481: Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

P490: Independent Study in Operations Management


R300: Principles of Real Estate

R305: Introduction to Real Estate Analysis

R440: Real Estate Appraisals

R443: Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis

R490: Independent Study in Real Estate and Land Economics


S225: Business Telecommunications

S302: Management Information Systems

S305: Technology Infrastructure

S307: Data Management

S308: Business Application Development

S310: Systems Analysis and Design

S400: Integration of Systems and the Business

S410: Systems Implementation

S428: Advanced Application Development

S433: Information Systems Security

S490: Independent Study in Computer Information Systems


T175: Kelley Compass I: Apprentice


W212: Exploring Entrepreneurship

W232: Venture Ideas

W233: Venture Models

W300: Small Business Management

W313: New Venture Planning

W316: Sustainable Business Reports

W406: Venture Growth Management

W409: Practicum in Entrepreneurship

W420 : Corporate Venturing

W430: Organizations and Organizational Change

W490: Independent Study in Business Administration


X100: Introduction to Business

X201: Technology

X202: Technology: Honors

X220: Career Perspectives

X333: Managing Business Functions

X403: Management Consulting

X404: Effective Case Interviewing and Interpersonal Interaction

X418: Life Sciences Global Events and Trends

X419: The Life Sciences Industry from Research to Patient

X420: Business Career Planning and Placement

X480: Professional Practice Abroad

X485: Overseas Study I

X486: Overseas Study II

X488: Current International Topics

X491: Overseas Study III


Z302: Managing and Behavior in Organizations

Z304: Honors: Managing and Behavior in Organizations

Z340: Introduction to Human Resources

Z355: Topics in Management

Z370: Integrated Business Core -- Leadership

Z404: Effective Negotiations

Z447: Leadership, Teamwork and Diversity

Z490: Independent Study in Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior

Z494: Herman B Wells Seminar in Leadership


A504: Selected Topics in Financial Accounting

A505: Field Study

A509: Career Success Skills

A514: Auditing Theory and Practice

A517: Financial Analysis & Firm Valuation

A519: Integrative Capstone Simulation

A525: Organizational Measurement and Cost Management

A527: Taxes and Financial Statements

A528: State and Local Taxation I

A531: Taxation of Partnerships and S Corporations

A537: Corporate Tax I/Tax Research

A538: Corporate Taxation II

A540: Financial Accounting Concepts

A541: Estate and Gift Taxation and Advanced Topics

A543: State and Local Taxation II

A545: Introduction to Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation

A546: Advanced Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation

A547: Strategic Tax Planning

A548: Strategic Cost Analysis and Control

A551: Tax Research

A553: Tax Practice and Procedure

A556: Tax Accounting: Period and Methods

A557: International Taxation I

A562: Advanced Financial Accounting

A563: Advanced Managerial Accounting

A564: Detecting Earnings Management

A565: Accounting Systems

A566: IT Audit & Internal Controls

A568: Applied Leadership Learning Laboratory

A569: Field Consulting Project

A570: Structuring Acquisitions: Accounting Advisory Services

A572: Forensic Accounting

A576: Strategic Cost Management

A590: Independent Study in Accounting


D503: International Business Environments

D504: International Business Operations

D590: Independent Study - International Business

D594: International Competitive Strategy

D595: International Management


E521: Theory of Prices and Markets I

E522: Macroeconomic Theory


F505: Financial Intermediation

F506: Commercial and Investment Banking

F507: Short-Term Financial Management

F508: Real Options in Capital Budgeting

F509: Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions

F510: Capital Acquisition and Expenditure

F517: Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance

F519: Behavioral Finance

F520: Asset Valuation and Strategy

F525: Corporate Financial Risk Management

F526: Derivative Securities

F528: Fixed Income Investments

F529: Equity Markets

F535: Security Trading and Market Making

F540: The Firm in the Capital Markets

F541: Spreadsheet Models in Finance

F546: Corporate Financial Strategy

F548: Corporate Governance and Restructuring

F549: Strategic Finance Academy - Project Course

F550: Applied Portfolio Selection

F551: Special Projects in Investments

F552: Special Topics in Investments

F560: Current Topics in Finance

F570: International Financial Markets

F571: International Corporate Finance

F579: Private Wealth Management

F590: Independent Study in Finance


G540: Managerial Economics

G546: Business and Industrial Analysis Project

G552: Analysis of Large Financial Data

G570: Thinking Strategically: Game Theory and Business Strategy

G574: The Federal Reserve System: Policy and Practice

G579: Business Econometrics

G590: Independent Study in Economics

G593: International Monetary Systems and Hedging


J501: Developing Strategic Capabilities

J520: Advanced Case Analysis and Effective Consulting Presentation

J522: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

J572: Corporate Governance


K507: Intro to Spreadsheet Modeling

K508: Spreadsheet Modeling for Finance

K513: Data Mining

K515: Application Development in VBA

K579: Experimental Course in Decision Support Modeling

K590: Independent Study in Decision Sciences


L507: Law and Ethics for Business Leaders

L508: Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

L515: Law of Sports and Entertainment

L533: Ethical Responsibilities of Managers

L538: Advanced Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

L540: Commercial Finance Law: Creditors' Rights

L541: Business Planning and Corporate Finance Law

L560: Ethics, Negotiations and Managing Conflicts

L561: Entrepreneurship Law Clinic Practicum

L575: Legal Issues in the Arts

L579: Cybersecurity Law & Policy

L590: Independent Study in Business Law


M503: Applied Marketing Research

M510: Managing the Product Offering Process

M511: Market Based Analysis

M512: Marketing Strategy

M513: Marketing Strategy Simulation

M522: New Products Management

M525: Legal Issues in Marketing Management

M528: Dynamic Modeling of Customer Data

M530: Business Marketing Strategy and Management

M537: Consumer Channels Management

M544: Managing Advertising and Sales Promotion

M546: Marketing Strategy Practicum

M549: Marketing Intelligence Management

M550: Consumer Insights

M574: Pricing Management

M575: Brand Asset Management

M581: Bloomington Brands

M590: Independent Study in Marketing

M591: Digital Marketing

M594: Global Marketing Management

M595: Digital Marketing


P506: Logistics and Distribution

P507: Enterprise Resource Management

P509: Supply Chain Operations

P510: Service Operations

P512: Revenue Management

P520: Strategic Sourcing

P540: Strategic Choices in Operations

P550: Business Process Design

P552: Project Management

P561: Supply Chain Management and Technologies

P574: Enterprise Resource Planning—Integration

P579: Sustainable Operations

P590: Independent Study in Operations Management

P591: Production/Operations Project Course


R510: Real Estate Investment

R530: Real Estate Finance

R590: Independent Study in Real Estate


S507: Management of Information Technology

S509: Information Systems in Modern Organizations

S510: Managing the Net-Enabled Organization

S514: Intro to IT General Controls

S516: Network Design and Management

S517: Mobile Business: Technologies and Strategies

S518: Managing Information Risk and Security

S520: Managing and Designing Database Systems

S523: Data Warehousing: Concepts and Management

S528: Object Oriented Business Programming

S529: Business Systems Analysis

S530: Business Analysis

S531: Advanced Web Applications Development

S535: Advanced Topics in Management Information Systems

S538: Organizational Information Systems Security

S540: Quantitative Methods for Accountants

S544: Executive Leadership of IT Strategy

S546: Capstone Project

S590: Independent Study in Information Systems


W504: New Venture Business Planning

W505: Power, Persuasion, Influence, and Negotiation

W506: Entrepreneurship: Leadership & Practice

W508: Social Entrepreneurship Experimental Course

W510: Sustainability Experimental Course

W511: Venture Strategy

W513: Crisis Management

W516: Organizational Development and Change: The Change Agent

W520: Turnaround Management

W532: Organization Design Alternatives

W550: Management Consulting

W551: Managing a Client Engagement

W574: Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

W578: Managing the Merger and Acquisition Process

W579: Life Sciences Practicum

W590: Independent Study in Management


X518: Life Sciences Global Events and Trends

X519: The Life Sciences Industry from Research to Patient

X520: Washington Campus Program

X530: Overseas Business Program

X540: International Practicum

X574: GLOBASE Field Study

X576: Emerging Market Experience (EME) Field Study Course

X577: Strategic Client Project Practicum

X590: Independent Study in Business--General


Z525: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Z540: Resources Systems & Organizational Effectiveness

Z590: Independent Study in Personnel and Organizational Behavior


A601: Capital Markets-Based Research in Financial Accounting

A602: Experimental Research in Accounting

A603: Selected Topics in Accounting Research


D620: Seminar in International Business


E621: Theory of Prices and Markets II

E671: Econometrics I

E673: Topics in Microeconometrics


F600: Asset Pricing Theory

F605: Corporate Finance

F625: Empirical Asset Pricing

F635: Market Microstructure

F644: Topics in Finance

F798: Research Seminar in Finance


G651: Econometrics I

G652: Econometrics II

G750: Economic Modeling

G751: Game Theory

G752: Information Economics

G753: Agency Theory

G754: Structural Econometrics

G798: Current Research in Industrial Organization and Business Strategy


J601: Seminar in Strategic Management I

J602: Theoretical Foundations of Strategy II


K601: Linear Optimization

K602: Integer and Nonlinear Optimization

K603: Probability Models for Operations Research

K604: Stochastic Process for Operations Research

K605: Dynamic Programming

K635: Special Topic in Operations Management


M650: Research Methods in Marketing

M651: Behavior in Markets

M652: Marketing Models

M653: Managerial Research in Marketing

M798: Special Topics in Marketing


P601: Supply Chain Management and Distribution

P602: Inventory Theory

P603: Operations Planning & Scheduling

P604: Service Operations and Process Design

P635: Special Topic in Operations Management


S601: Technical Issues in Information Systems

S602: Individual Issues in IS Research

S605: Collaboration Technology Research

S606: Information Systems Strategy and Management Research

S635: Data Mining and Personalization Research

S798: Theory Development


W601: Organization Theory

W610: Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship


Z601: Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Behavior

Z615: Seminar in Human Resource (HR) Management

Z798: Seminar in Research Methods

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