Strategic Client Project Practicum

  • 7-weeks
  • 1.5 credits
  • Prerequisite: MBA Core or permission of the instructor

The Strategic Client Project Practicum will be a field study course designed to teach the fundamentals of solving strategic problems for clients in an applied setting. Emphasis will be placed on analytical thinking, teamwork/leadership, and the dynamics of interactions with a client. Each student will be placed on a team comprised of MBA students and undergraduates from the Honors Management Consulting Course (X488). The teams will select a project from a set list of companies and/or not-for-profit organizations (arranged by faculty) to solve. The projects will be high-level strategic issues facing the leaders of the organization. The goal will be for the students to completely run the project and add value to the participating company in terms of recommendations for improvement in the organization.

The faculty will essentially serve as “partners” to ensure that the project is moving forward to provide advice on sources of data, client interactions, and interpersonal issues. The faculty will also provide material on the overall process as the project unfolds and summarize and share learnings. The MBAs will act as team leaders or “managers” and the undergraduates will act as “associate consultants.”

The teams will be required to make a final presentation of their findings and to deliver progress reports and “fact packs” summarizing what they have learned throughout the 8 weeks. Grading will be based on peer and company representative evaluations and faculty assessments of content and style.

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