International Practicum

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  • Prerequisite: MBA Core, Non-US Citizen

As part of their graduate study in the United States, international students are encouraged to undertake a practicum with a US-based business. Enrollment in this course is limited to non-US citizens. The practicum or internship experience must be approved in advance and a written evaluation of the experience is required.

Rationale: The MBA Program highly recommends that all MBA candidates participate in an internship experience. For international students, work experience in this country is extremely important if they plan to remain after graduation and want to be competitive with their classmates. Unfortunately, due to changes in the visa regulations, it has become difficult for companies to hire international students for internship positions unless the experience is part of the student's academic program of study.

The X540 course permits international students to retain their student visa status while undertaking summer employment in the US. Many other graduate programs have taken a similar approach to deal with the visa problem. Internship experiences under X540 must be at least 6 weeks in duration. Verification of the employment offer is required before enrollment in the course. Note: It is NOT the intent to certify internship experiences of either international or domestic students. This course is intended to solve a specific problem for international students, not to introduce the notion of certifying internships on graduate student transcripts.

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