Project Management

  • 7-weeks
  • 1.5 credits
  • Prerequisite: MBA Core

This course will introduce students to the state of the art techniques used in project management. We will introduce students to concepts regarding Project organizations, Project selection techniques, Project planning, Project scheduling, Resource allocation, and Project control. Project management software Microsoft Project and Primavera will be used as tools to illustrate the concepts. Optimization and Risk Management associated with project management will be modeled using Excel Solver and Risk software. The project selection techniques: Criteria for project selection models, Types and nature of project selection models, and analysis under uncertainty. For example, GM wants to introduce a new car and built a new plant to produce it. The feasibility of the project will be addressed from the point of view of nonnumeric models (scared cow, competitive necessity, and product line extension) and numeric models (ROI, scoring methods, and optimization techniques).

Project Organization: Project, matrix, and mixed organizational structures, and choosing an organizational format.

Human factors: Team building, Teamwork, project team composition, and role of project managers.

Project planning, budgeting, and cost estimation: The work breakdown structures, linear responsibility charts, estimating project budgets, and improving the process of cost estimation.

Project Scheduling: PERT, CPM, and Gantt charts. Microsoft Project and Primavera software. Crashing of activities and linear programming optimization technique for crashing. Risk model for estimating project uncertainty.

Resource Allocation: Resource loading, resource leveling and constrained resource scheduling. Multi project scheduling and resource allocation. Heuristic and software based solutions. Project control: Project monitoring and role of information system. Three types of project controls and feedback process. Project audit life cycle and project termination.

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