Integrated Business Core--Marketing Component

  • 16-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: A100, A201, A202, G202, T175, T275, D270, X271 or X272, K201, L201, C104, C204, X201, ECON-E201, ECON-E370, ENG-W131, MATH-M118, MATH-M119 (all with a grade of C or better).

Cross-functional survey of business management. The marketing component covers marketing planning and decision making examined from firm and consumer points of view. Topics include the marketing concept and its company-wide implications, the integration of marketing with other functions, and the role that product, price, promotion, and distribution play in marketing strategy and implementation. Includes a cross-functional case done in teams. Students may not receive credit for both M370 and (M304 or M301 or M300).

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