Working Capital Management

  • 16-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: F370 or F304 with a grade of C or better

Emphasizes the set of decisions and problems that financial managers face in determining short-term financial policy, financial diagnostics, and operations of the company. Major topics include identifying working capital elements and their relationships to company operations, financial analysis, cash forecasting, banking relations, cash-flow systems, and short-term investment and borrowing strategies.

Learning Objectives:

(1) The development and application of a NPV model for evaluation of short-term finance decisions.

(2) Payment mechanisms and payment systems.

(3) Cash management system design and implementation, including collection, concentration, and disbursement.

(4) Measuring and managing corporate liquidity.

(5) Managing short-term funding.

(6) Forecasting short-term cash flows.

(7) The financial impact of credit policy. 

Typical Reading and Text: Hill and Sartoris, Short-Term Financial Management

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