Analysis of Emerging Economies

  • 16-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: students must apply and get permission to enroll

This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by emerging economies.  Students will study the business situation, politics, economics, and culture in emerging economies in general and in three or four specific countries.  The class is organized into both general sessions and sections that deal with individual countries.   Students will select one of these country specific sections and study that countries language, culture, politics, history, and other unique aspects.  Students will go on a study tour to that country during spring break, where they will meet with economic and business leaders.  In a team they will be expected to investigate a specific sector of the country’s economy, write a report, and present it to a group of students and faculty.   Issues that will be discussed include technology, microfinance, corruption, entrepreneurship, business training, distribution of income, and the climate for foreign investment and cooperation.

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