Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Behavior

  • 15-weeks
  • 3 credits
  • Prerequisite: PhD candidacy or instructor's permission

This seminar examines current paradigms of theory and research in the field of organizational behavior and organizational psychology. The materials we shall examine provide a sort of "operational definition" of the field; in other words, what one reads in the journals and hears at the professional meetings in recent years.  Focus is on the kinds of problems posed, issues addressed, conflicts joined, prototypical research strategies and tactics employed (although here we do not emphasize "methods" and analytic techniques as such), and the individuals who are being read and listened to.  Major topics include:  The historical roots of OB, models of satisfaction and performance, modes of attachment of individuals to organizations, comparative effects of dispositions and work environments, leadership, and the role of culture in shaping behavior in organizations.

Kelley School of Business

Faculty & Research