Message from the Alumni Board

Indiana University and the Kelley School of Business - a place? a college? the best years of my life?

How does one acknowledge the key decision made to attend the Kelley School of Business? And, indeed, it was one of the more significant choices made by any of us. Who knew what doors would open and what opportunities would greet us once we had a Kelley degree in hand?

In fact, most of us can describe moments in our lives when we knew that choosing IU was the right decision. Maybe it was that first job opportunity when you transitioned from student to alum. Or when you were asked to make an impromptu speech and then realized the purpose of all those class presentations. Or when you joined a new company, and really began to value Kelley's academic rigor as you rose above other employees with your relevant knowledge. You had broad yet focused experiences at IU, and you were prepared for life.

Each day at the School, the faculty, staff and students carry out the daily operations of innovating in the classroom (now a global environment), identifying new opportunities (such as international partnerships) and executing thoughtful strategies to continually elevate the excellence of a business education at IU. That excellence is the Kelley story, and you are part of that story - then, now, and in the future.

Your degree is your stock certificate. With that degree, each of us became a shareholder in the Kelley School of Business, and like shareholders everywhere we like to see continued growth in value. One way to do that is to financially support the KSB for this generation and others to follow. Top business schools are the sum of their parts - the alumni, the dean, the faculty and staff, the students, and yes, the facilities as well to ensure that a first-class learning environment is provided. Please join with me in supporting the expansion and renovation of the Undergraduate Building.

Mark Barbato, MBA'82,
Former President, Kelley Alumni Association

Indiana University

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