As an alum of the Kelley School, you know first-hand that your alma mater is one of the world's great business schools. But place yourself in the shoes of a prospective student and their parents as they try to imagine "a day in a student's life" at Kelley. The physical facilities send a powerful message of what it might be like.

The average age of business school buildings in the Big Ten is less than 12 years. The Kelley undergraduate building is over 45 years old and, as one parent commented to me recently, makes it "hard to believe you are really as good as you say." Our ability to attract the best students is at risk. With that risk also comes the risk of losing the support of our corporate partners and, ultimately, our national rankings.

We know that brick-and-mortar does not a school make. The new building will transform how we approach business education. The classrooms are designed to promote student-faculty discussion. They will have state-of-the-art video technology that will allow us to engage business leaders from around the world with our students. And the rooms will be configured to provide group-study spaces after hours.

This project will not only provide a powerful impression that the Kelley School is truly world class, it will enable our faculty to create innovative teaching methods that will distinguish the School.

This is nothing short of a transformative project at a critical period in the life of the School. The project, however, must be funded 100% by private gifts. It's a $60 million undertaking with $57 million already committed by generous alumni, friends and corporate partners.

I appreciate your interest and hope that you'll consider investing in this important project!

Dan Smith

Indiana University

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