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IU/Purdue Engineering Professional Education

Plan of Study

A specific plan of study for Purdue Engineering Professional Education dual degree admits cannot be outlined, as these students may matriculate in any term (matriculation in Fall or Spring Quarters is encouraged) and may take only one course/quarter while completing an engineering program. The following is an outline of the courses required, when they are offered, and suggestions on course sequencing. Once admitted, a plan of study for each person will be developed.

36 credit hour MBA for Purdue MSE students:

CourseTitleCreditsYear in ProgramOffered
C521Managing Accounting for Decision-Making 33.01W, Sp, Su
C530Economics for Managers 23.0BRIDGE COURSEF, Sp
C540Financial Management (P: C521)3.01F, W, Sp, Su
C570Strategic Marketing Management3.01F, W, Sp
C580Operations Management 2, 33.0BRIDGE COURSEF, W, Sp, Su
C560Business Planning and Project Management3.01 (last course, year 1)F, W, Su
C511Organizational Change (in-residence)1.51F, W(online), Sp
C522Information Technology 23.0BRIDGE COURSEF, W, Sp, Su
C561The US in a Global Economy3.02F, Sp, Su
C562Developing Strategic Capabilities3.02W, Sp, Su
X532Integrative Capstone Course3.02 (last course, year 2)F, W, Sp, Su
C550Business Law Requirement*3.02W. Sp, Su
C514Human Resources (in-residence)1.52F, W(online), Sp
C520Quantitative Analysis3.0BRIDGE COURSEF, Sp
 Elective 13.0  
 Elective 23.0  

Only one of the bridge courses have to be taken with IU.  The others must be taken with Purdue University.

1 or pre-approved online substitute
2 If Purdue graduate, student may substitute another 3.0 credit hour course if taken at Purdue.
3 If Michigan student, an IU 3.0 credit hour course must be substituted if student took MFG505 or MFG426 at Michigan .

Suggested Sequence:

1 - Complete all year one courses prior to enrolling in year two courses. We strongly encourage the in-residence courses, but we realize they are not always possible. The first in-residence (held in Bloomington, IN) functions as an "orientation" in addition to the C511 class. Students also have the opportunity to build their professional network through both classroom and social activities. During the second in-residence (also in Bloomington), students take C514 and continue to build their professional network. Students have the opportunity to interact with Kelley faculty, staff, and Graduate Career Services (GCS) at both in-residences.

2 – Students must have prior approval from IU committee to take C511 and C514 online.

3 - C521 must be taken and completed before registering for C540.

4 – C530, C520, C580, C521, C511, C540 and C570 have to be taken prior to C560.

5 - C560 should be taken just before year two courses.

6 - We suggest taking C561 and C522 prior to C550 and C562.

7 - X532 should be taken as the last course in the program.