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Corporate Programs

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Application Process

*Anyone from John Deere can apply to this program; there is not an internal election process. Please contact your John Deere Unit Human Resources or Deere Direct to find out more about the reimbursement policies.

Nine Easy Steps to Completing the Application Process (steps can be done concurrently)* 

1 - Prepare for, register, and take the GMAT.

See for more information. When you take the GMAT, have your scores sent to Kelley Direct (code 8ZG-41-99). In addition, fax your unofficial score report to the Executive Degree Program, (see #6). Please note that the GRE is accepted in lieu of the GMAT. If opting to take the GRE, please be sure to send your GRE scores to “Indiana U.”, school code 1324.

2 - Prepare for, register, and take the TOEFL (if needed).  

See for more information. When you take the TOEFL, have your scores sent to Indiana University (code 1324/99). Your unofficial score report may be emailed or mailed to the Executive Degree Program instead, (see #6). TOEFL minimums: 550+ (paper version/PBT) or 213+ (computer-based version/CBT) or a provisional minimum of 79+ (internet-based version/kBT).

3 - Submit Part I of the Kelley application.

  • Choose MBA as the “Program Type”
  • Choose John Deere MBA – Fall Term Start as the “Program Name”

*Save the address to the Part II application if you’d like to return to it later.

4 - Contact all post-secondary institutions attended and request original academic records be sent to you in a sealed and signed envelope. Make arrangements to have academic records translated (if necessary).

5 - Contact the person who will write a letter of reference on your behalf; ask them if they are willing to submit the reference online. If so, be sure you have their preferred email address. If not, have them write a letter of reference on letterhead and send the letter of reference to you in a sealed and signed envelope.

6 - When you have received all academic records, send them (unopened) along with a copy of your unofficial score report/s, your letter of reference (unopened, if not submitted online) and a copy of your permanent resident card (if required) to:

Executive Degree Programs
1275 E 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

7 - Write your personal statement. (A statement, approximately 500 words, that identifies your academic goals, career objectives, why you are applying to this program, and the qualifications you have that make you a strong candidate for this program).

8 - Update your résumé. 

9 - Submit Part II of the Kelley Direct application, including application fee.  

  • Under “Academic Program,” choose “Business Graduate Executive Degree”
  • Under “Academic Plan,” choose “MBA (John Deere Corporate Program)”

When submitting Part II, "upload" the file containing your personal statement and résumé. Be sure to include the name and email address of the person who will be submitting the letter of reference on your behalf in the "Recommendations" section of the University application. The application fee is $75 for domestic and international students.