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Jared Beard

Jared has been a super-nerd from the minute he and his evil twin brother hacked away at the innards of their Commadore 64. With over 20 years as a youth leader, educator, paradigm shifter, and IT MegaGeek, Jared has been at the bleeding edge of all the good and bad the Interweb has had to offer. As a Web/Media business owner, Information Technology Director and Instructor in the MBA and MSIS programs at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Jared has managed, designed, implemented and analyzed projects from server-side hardware and software Virtualization to CRM/Email Marketing Systems that interact with every constituent within the 8 Campus Indiana University Organization. Himself, a victim of 1000’s of hours of dull and humorless education, Jared will entertain and challenge the audience while sneaking in just enough theory and real-world knowledge to help you plan out your next steps into this brave new world.