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Quaife Is Excited to See Her Ideas Come to Life

Tatiana Quaife MBA'09

Tatiana Quaife

“Working with a billion-dollar brand was an incredible experience.”

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As a marketing intern at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Tatiana Quaife worked with the Downy brand team on revitalizing the Downy Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection. She is thrilled to see some of her recommendations become reality. “It was great to be able to make a positive impact on the brand,” she says.

"Working with a billion-dollar brand was an incredible experience," Quaife says. "The magnitude of the decisions made on a daily basis was phenomenal. They gave me complete ownership over my projects and allowed me to take risks."

During her 12-week internship at P&G, Quaife worked on three big projects with the Downy brand, including the revitalization of the Radiance Collection, and the design of a full-page coupon insert, which reached 50 million people. "The day it came out was a very happy day for me. I woke up early and rushed to the newsstand," she says.

The Consumer Marketing Academy prepared Quaife to hit the ground running at P&G. "You only have 12 weeks in your internship, and you're expected to perform," Quaife says. "If your learning curve is more than two weeks, you can fall behind. The Consumer Marketing Academy definitely prepared me for a successful summer."

Quaife accepted an offer for an assistant brand manager role at P&G and will be working with the Downy brand team members, whom she says already feel like family. “P&G made sure it was the right decision for me and my husband,” she says.

Quaife is grateful to Kelley for the enormous support in getting interviews and growing her network. “I would not have had my P&G interview without those contacts,” she says.

Published April 11, 2011