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Tuesday October 30th 2012, Chinese Business Association held our annual flagship event- China Day at Kelley Hall of Honor. The event lasted 4 hours from 11 am to 3 pm and had participants totaled over 300, including Kelley domestic and international students, Kelley professors and staff. China Day aims to raise the awareness of Chinese business and culture and to develop mutual understanding with the students, professors and staff in Kelley School of Business.  Each year, there are informational display boards and videos showing one Chinese Business related topic.  In the past years, we have introduced major cities in China, Chinese S&P 500 companies and Chinese presence of large U.S. firms. In 2012, our topic is “Younger Generation in China.” We presented ourselves to our fellow domestic students and professors, what our lives are like in three aspects—academic, social, and career. The information included but not limited to the education system in China-what have we been through to get into the top universities (Gaokao); the increasing importance and impact of Social Media; how we develop our professional career as a student. The person who was in charge of the event was Vice President of Networking: Di Chen. If you are interested in knowing more about China Day, please free feel to contact Di Chen at

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