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Indiana University Bloomington

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The Kelley Advantage

The Kelley School has reached an important milestone: 100,000 Kelley alumni around the world.

Worldwide Reputation

Kelley is my window on the prospective employee marketplace. It connects me with faculty, staff, and fellow alumni who can help my business fill key positions at our company.

John Voris,
BS '69, MBA '73

Alumni & Donor Stories

Continuing Commitment - 12/20/2010

Continuing Commitment

For Larry Gerdes (MBA’74) and his wife Ann, contributing to the Undergraduate Building Expansion and Renovation campaign was just another act of involvement and example of a lifelong commitment to Indiana University. Larry, CEO of Transcend Services, said he believes every Indiana University graduate should consider his or her level of commitment. “As alumni, we need to consider our own financial wherewithal to decide our capacity to give back,” Larry said. “I think it is appropriate to give back, especially to those institutions that have an impact on our lives. The Kelley School certainly had an impact on mine. It set me on a great course into the business world.” With a daughter employed at Bloomberg Business Week, Larry became even more aware of the importance of facilities. “The magazine rankings cite our facilities of the Undergraduate program as a shortcoming. The first time I helped the School was to honor a professor who meant a lot to me. This time it’s a different kind of commitment. I think it is important for the Undergraduate program to have facilities that reflect the quality of the School and the quality of its students. “All you have to do is look at the students. We want to make sure the lives of those students are impacted in a positive way. The facilities are often the first thing our prospective business students see. It is the first impression of Kelley in many regards. You want that to hold up to the rest of the Kelley story.” Larry and Ann, who live in Atlanta, share their passion for Kelley in other ways, such as recommending Kelley to the sons and daughters of friends, business associates, or others who have considered a business education. “I have recommended Kelley to prospective students a number of times,” explained Larry, who also serves as a member of the Dean’s Council, a group of close advisors to the dean of the School. “I tell them that Indiana University is first and foremost a great institution with great people who care, as well as having a great fabric among the student body and the faculty.”