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Students talk about the Kelley Undergraduate Program, IU, and Bloomington.

Student Spotlight

Daniel Nolan

Accounting and Finance

On the first day of class, the professor said my name, asked what my after-graduation goals were, and what I’ve done to prepare for them. It sounds crazy that this is my favorite experience at Kelley, but it’s the moment where I learned that Kelley isn’t so much about reading textbooks and taking exams, it’s about developing yourself into a true business professional.

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Why Kelley?

We’re more than a top business school. We’re a talent management program.

Though the world of business continues to evolve, one factor remains constant: employers, business partners, and investors know that the success of their organization relies on the talent and the passion of its people.

That’s why we’ve built our program to revolve around you—to nurture your unique business interests and develop your distinctive business talents.

It’s a first-of-its-kind approach to teaching business, and it’s recognized nationally as one of the best. It’s also the approach that attracts more than 700 companies—located in the U.S. and around the world—to recruit from Kelley annually, which gives us job-placement rates that you can count on.

Three signature components of your Kelley experience

Your Kelley experience won’t just change the way you think about business. It will transform the way you interact with the world. Every component of your education at Kelley is designed to:

  • 1 Give you a core understanding of business—including finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and business ethics. You’ll also develop a specialty by choosing the major that’s right for you. With a Kelley degree, you’ll have the tools you need to succeed on any career path you choose.

  • 2 Develop your perspective on the global economy through our study abroad programs, Global Foundations courses, and a large and diverse student body. With a Kelley degree, you’ll be able to do business anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

  • 3 Develop you professionally and personally with our talent management classes. With a Kelley degree, you’ll enter the job market as your own authentic brand: a smart business investment that employers, partners, and investors will be eager to make.

An education bigger than textbooks and classrooms

Live in the Kelley Living Learning Center your freshman year and dine with CEOs. Travel to Beijing to learn more about China’s impact on the world economy. Use social media to connect with big-league Kelley alumni like Kathy Vrabeck or Mark Cuban. Take home a first-place win in a regional sales competition by getting involved with a business student organization.

At Kelley, the world is your classroom. Our nationally-recognized faculty, along with your personal academic and career advisors, will show you how to navigate it. And while they help you discover the building blocks of business, you’ll be refining your personal business style by delving into the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll find only at Kelley.