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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Business Undergraduate Scholarship List

Below are a number of the scholarships available to Kelley undergraduate students. Not all are funded each year, though many fund multiple awards annually.  Refer to Scholarship Opportunities for more information about eligibility criteria and application procedures. Refer to Scholarship Search Help for tips on refining your scholarship search.

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215 scholarships returned

Adelaide & Jeffrey Lazarus Retail Scholarship
Alternative Break Program Scholarship
Amelia D. Ewing Scholarship
Anna Hasler Gillum Scholarship
Archie M. Koon Scholarship
Arrowsmith Undergraduate Scholarship
Arrowsmith Undergraduate Scholarship #2
Audrey A. Brinkman Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship
Bartlett Scholarship
Benua Foundation Scholarship
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Grant Thornton Scholarship
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Katz, Sapper & Miller Scholarship
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Plante Moran Scholarship
Beta Alpha Psi Scholarships
Beverly Rice Scholarship
Bill and Mary Gasser Scholarship
Bill and Mary Gasser Scholarship/Fellowship Business Endowment #2
Bill C. Brown Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
BKD BAP Scholarship
BKD Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Brian C. Kmetz Study Abroad Scholarship
Brightpoint Inc. Scholarship #2
Bryan W. Price Executive Scholarship
Burdines Alumni Marketing Scholarship Fund
Carl Edward Blocker Memorial Scholarship
CenterPoint Energy Scholarship
Charles R. Boylan Scholarship
Claude J. Black Scholarship
Clegg Family Memorial Scholarship
Cottrell Family Overseas Study Scholarship
Craig & Cissy Pfeiffer Scholarship
Crowe Horwath LLP Outstanding Accounting Student Scholarship
Crowe Horwath LLP Outstanding Operations & Decisions Technologies Student Scholarship
Crowe Horwath LLP Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Daniel C. Smith Leadership Scholarship
David A. Neumann Scholarship
David B. Swager Memorial Scholarship
David G. Wylie Memorial Scholarship
Dean William A. Rawles Key Award
Decatur County Scholarship
Defender Direct Scholarship
Deloitte Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship
Deloitte Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship
Donald J. Riskind Business Scholarship
Dorothy Elizabeth Drane Scholarship
Dworkin International Scholarship
E. Keith Moore International Study Scholarship
Edward J. Kuntz Memorial Scholarship
Eli Lilly Scholarship
Eloise Kimmelman Foundation Scholarship
Ernest C. Jones Scholarship
Ernst & Young Accounting Scholars
Eugene D. Wyllie Scholarship
EY Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship
EY Scholarship
EY Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Feighner Scholarship
Fine Tune Scholarship
Ford Undergraduate Scholarship
Frank & Sandra Acito Scholarship
Frank Stavroff Scholarship
Fred and Della Spencer Scholarship
Fred and Marcia Unger Scholarship
Fred Riley Blanford and Evelyn Hess Blanford Scholarship
Gary and Pamela Whitlock Scholarship
Gayl W. Doster Scholarship in Business
Gene B. Glick Company Endowed Scholarship
General Mills Undergraduate Scholarship
George and Gertrude Schiff Scholarship
George H. Challis Scholarship
George L. Leinenweber Scholarship
Gibbons/Mitchell Scholarship
Giblin Family International Study Scholarship
Giblin Family Scholarship
Glaubinger Non-Resident Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Glaubinger Resident Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Glenn and Donna Scolnik Scholarship
Graco Foundation Scholarship
Grant Thornton BAP Scholarship
Grant Thornton Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Gregory W. Wilson Honors Scholarship
Hal R. and Ruth H. Keeling Scholarship
Harold F. Bull Scholarship
Harvey Foundation Scholarship
Henry M. and Julia Shook Scholarship
Herbert and Carolynn Desch Scholarship
Herbert Presidential Scholarship
Homer and Gertrude Hoyt Scholarship
Howard Jones Scholarship
Hurwich Family Overseas Study Scholarship
Indiana CPA Society Accounting Scholarship
Indiana/Kentucky SIOR Chapter Scholarship
J. Dwight Peterson Scholarship in Investment Banking
Jacobs Family Scholarship
James and Beverly Giesler Scholarship
James and Mildred Mentzer Scholarship
James R. Roudebush Scholarship
James W. Dye Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund
James W. Dye Undergraduate Scholarship
Jane and Jean Ann Ford Endowed Scholarship
Jeanne Scharnberg Staff Scholarship II
Jeff M. and Marcia H. Fettig Scholarship
Jeffrey R. Maiatico Scholarship
Jesse H. and Beulah Chaney Cox Research Scholars Scholarship
Joe E. & Theresa Ann Harlan Scholarship
John and Ellen Carruthers Fund
John and Karen Voris Beta Theta Pi Scholarship
John and Vicky Lettmann Scholarship
John C. Geyer Scholarship
John Deere Diversity Scholarship
John E. Stinton Undergraduate Business Scholarship
John H. Porter Community Service Award
John H. Porter Undergraduate Scholarship
John K. Malkin Scholarship #2
John R. Gibbs Scholarship for Innovation
Joseph M. Waldman CLD Outstanding Internship Award
Josephine K. and Jennings D. Carter Scholarship
Katz, Sapper & Miller BAPScholarship
Katz, Sapper & Miller SAS Scholarship
Keating Scholarship
Kelley Dean's Council Scholarship
Kelley Diversity Merit Scholarship
Kelley Scholarship
Kelley School of Business Miscellaneous Scholarships
Kelley/Hudson & Holland Scholarship
Ken C. Whitener, Jr. Scholarship Award
KPMG Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship
KPMG Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Kyle C. Hollon Memorial Scholarship
Layton Frazier McKinley Scholarship
Leroy I. Gensburg Scholarship
Linda Kowalski Jacob Scholarship
Linda L. Thiel Memorial Scholarship in Information Systems & Decision Science
Lionel D. Edie Scholarship
Lova C. Garriott Scholarship
Marathon Petroleum Company LP Business Scholarship
Mark and Dijuana Lewis Scholarship
Mark and Sandra Niblick Scholarship
Mary Crawford White Scholarship
Max S. Danner Scholarship
McGladrey Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship
McGladrey Student Accounting Society Scholarship
McMillan Undergraduate Scholarship
Michael and Paula Bryant Scholarship
Michael Fagan Scholarship
Mikkelsen Family Scholarship
Monroe Shine and Company, Inc. Fund Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Rinsch Scholarship
Myers Scholarship
Myers Undergraduate Writing Award
Newman Family Scholarship
Old National Bank Scholarship
P. Stuart Holmquest Scholarship
Peter M. and Gayle H. Allesee Community Service Scholarship
Philip L. Bird Scholarship
Philip L. Kintzele D.B.A. Scholarship
Plante Moran BAP Scholarship
Plante Moran SAS Scholarship
PricewaterhouseCoopers Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship
PricewaterhouseCoopers Student Accounting Society Scholarship
Pure Family Scholarship
Reynolds Scholarship
Richard G. Brinkman Undergraduate Scholarship
Robert and Patricia Gilchrist Scholarship
Robert F. Fox, Jr. Scholarship
Robert M. Cox, Jr., Robert M. Cox III, and Carolyn L. Cox Endowed Scholarship
Robert R. & Mary Pence Cosner Scholarship in Business
Robert, Martha and John Atherton Scholarship
Roberta Mardis Lynch Scholarship
Roger F. Johnson Scholarship
Roger G. Ibbotson Undergraduate Scholarship
Rogers Scholarship
Ron Davis Real Estate Scholarship
Roy W. and Becky J. Templin Scholarship
Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman Memorial Scholarship
Samuel G. Alpert Memorial Scholarship
Samuel L. Westerman Fellowship
Samuel M. Hight Scholarship
Schuchman Family Scholarship
Spencer S. and Dana L. Cropper Undergraduate Scholarship
Stadelmann Scholarship
Stephen and Betty Sterrett Study Abroad Scholarship
Stephen Z. Kowalski Scholarship
Student Accounting Society (SAS) Scholarships
Sue C. Schmalz Memorial Scholarship
T. James Crawford Memorial Scholarship
Terry W. Lewis and Debra K. Lewis Scholarship
The Carl H. Rinne Business Scholarship
The Gilbert Eugene and Dorothy K. Yates Scholarship
The Leonard I. Rifkin Scholarship
The Richard and Anne Fleming Scholarship
The Robbins Scholarship
The Roberta Mardis Lynch Scholarship #2
Thomas A. and Margaret J. Hurwich Scholarship
Thomas L. Peters Endowed Scholarship
Thomas W. Cole Scholarship
Tom and Joyce Mutz Prize
Toyota Scholars Program
Trockman Family Scholarship
Uz and Elizabeth McMurtrie Merit Award
Van Scoy Business Scholarship
Wadia Family Overseas Scholarship
Warren Kerbs Undergraduate Scholarship
Wendell Robert Ulm Scholarship
Whitaker Business Scholarship
Willard V. Albright Memorial Scholarship
William and Amy Roth Scholarship
William E. and Mary A. Daily Undergraduate Scholarship
William G. Bray Memorial Scholarship
William G. Panschar Scholarship
William J. Keedy Memorial Scholarship
William R. Fry Scholars Program
William Robert Porter Scholarship in Business
Zeta Scholarship