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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Mackenzie Hammel

Cincinnati, OH

Major:† Finance
Minor:† Mathematics, Spanish; Additional Ė Harp Student at the Jacobs School of Music with Distinguished Professor of Music Susann McDonald

Any special scholarships:† Herman B Wells Scholar

Overseas study:† AlcalŠ de Henares, Spain (Summer 2011)

Internships/work experience:† Finance/Accounting Intern Ė Procter & Gamble (Summer 2012)

Campus involvement/clubs/community activities:

  • Chief Networking Officer, Kelley Undergraduate Womenís Financial Association
  • Undergraduate Consulting Workshop
  • Member of the Jacobs School of Music Harp Department
  • Academic Tutor for IU Athletics

Career goal: Short-term, I plan to work in either corporate finance or the consulting industry. Long-term, I hope to serve in a finance role for a Fortune 500 company.

Best IU experience so far:† Meeting so many new, wonderful people and witnessing IU Basketballís wins against Kentucky, Ohio State, and Michigan State live at Assembly Hall last year.

One thing I want to do before I leave Bloomington/campus: I hope to try all of the Fourth Street restaurants at least once and witness IU Basketball put up a sixth banner at Assembly Hall!

Favorite movie and why:† Anchorman. Itís an absolutely hilarious movie and I canít wait for Anchorman 2 to come out soon!

Favorite class at IU and why: Harp elective class! Who knew you could receive college credit for simply pursuing a hobby you love? Iíve had a great time taking the course each semester and getting to branch outside the Kelley School and meet new people with unique interests. Also, having the chance to study with a legendary harp teacher, Susann McDonald, is truly a blessing.

Favorite musical artist/group: The Black Eyed Peas. I saw them in Madrid while I was studying abroad last summer and thought they were phenomenal performers.

Something Iím really passionate about: I absolutely love playing and listening to music. Iíve played the harp for 15 years, so I really enjoy continuing to learn new repertoire at the Jacobs School. I also like witnessing the incredible talent the Jacobs School has to offer at orchestra concerts, the opera, the ballet, and countless other events throughout the year.