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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Craig Troemel

West Lafayette, IN

Major: Finance; Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Internships/work experience:

  • General Electric, Financial Management Program Intern (Summer 2012)
  • Dynamic Medical Practice Services, Risk Management Intern (Summer 2011)
  • Michael B. Troemel: Attorney at Law, Intern (Summer 2010)

Campus involvement/clubs/community activities:

  • IU Safety Escort - Director
  • Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity Ė Brother, Judicial Board Member, Mentor
  • IU Usher Corps - Usher
  • Alternative Break Program - Volunteer

Career goal: I would love to invent, market, sell, and profit from the next Snuggie or Shakeweight.

Best IU experience so far: Being in Assembly Hall when the Hoosiers beat three top fives in the same season. †The Kentucky upset and the court storming thereafter were particularly grand.

Greatest life lesson:† Never stop counting your blessings.† If getting a B+ is your greatest concern, then you have a lot to be thankful for.

My greatest role model and why: My father.† Heís managed to be successful while being kind and having a lot of fun along the way.† I hope to someday be half as cool as he is.

Favorite movie and why:† 12 Angry Men.† Itís the most compelling movie Iíve seen and it all takes place in a single room.† It illustrates how peopleís background experiences contribute to who they are and how they view the world.† It reinforces the idea that no one should be judged prematurely.

Favorite class at IU and why:† American Film Culture (ENG-L 295). My love for movies combined with the professorís enthusiasm made the class very enjoyable.

Favorite musical artist(s)/group(s): Ray LaMontagne, David Matthews, Kanye West

Something that would surprise people about me or a fun fact:† Some friends and I once built a raft out of garbage and floated it five miles down the mighty Wabash River.