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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Anna Orlow

Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Information and Process Management, Operations Management
Minor: Mathematics

Scholarships: Kelley Scholar

Overseas study: Copenhagen, Denmark in Spring 2012

Internships/work experience:

  • Billing Clerk at Lutheran Medical Group
  • Corporate Procurement Intern at ArcelorMittal
  • Advisory Intern at PwC

Campus involvement/clubs/community activities:

  • Kelley Bstore
  • Scholarship Advisory Committee
  • Undergraduate Consulting Workshop

Career goal: Strategy and Management Consultant

Best IU experience so far: My freshman roommate and I would watch Jon Stewart all the time. He came and performed live at the IU Auditorium on my 21st birthday.

Greatest life lesson: Keep the people that make you smile around you, and be the person that makes other people smile.

My greatest role model and why: Professor Tatiana Kolovou. To me she is the definition of a wonder woman. She is great at her job, extremely fit, and has strong family values. She seems to accomplish more in a day than is even possible and does it with a smile.

Favorite movie and why: Sound of Music. My cousin and I watch it at every holiday get-together, so it has developed a deeper meaning in my life.

Favorite class at IU: Consulting Workshop. It may be the most work I have ever put into a class, but I have by far learned more in that class than any other. Working with such intelligent students really pushes you to be better and develop yourself.

A fun fact: When I was really young, I would play business. I would sit in the car and pretend to answer phones on a broken cordless phone and use hotel room keys as credit cards.