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The Kelley School of Business received an A+ in job placement
in 2013 and 2014 from Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Linwood Watkins III BS’11, MS’12


Linwood Watkins

Kelley’s two career services offices—at the undergraduate and graduate level—helped Linwood Watkins polish his skills and land offers. He starts with Hitachi in Chicago upon graduation.

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As an undergraduate, Linwood Watkins III didn’t think he made the strongest impression when interviewing with recruiters.

“I got a little nervous and shy at times,” says Watkins. His skills turned around after some intensive coaching with Kelley’s Undergraduate Career Services Office (UCSO). Watkins improved his interview technique and landed a summer internship with CIGNA, a global health care service company.

Mock interviews improve real performance

“One of the most helpful aspects of the coaching was the mock interview. After you do a few practice interviews, your performance really gets better,” says Watkins.

Watkins, from Indianapolis, chose the Kelley School of Business for its name and prestige. After he was admitted, he chose a major in Information Process Management because of his love for computers and deep interest in how technology affects business.

“This major gives you a good understanding of technology and how it is used in business,” says Watkins, who was awarded the Cox Research Scholarship for his impressive academic and professional background, which included a job as an assistant in the technology department of Westview Hospital in Indianapolis. As a Cox scholar, Watkins worked under the direction of a faculty mentor, Vijay Khatri, on research and scholarly activities and has helped doctoral candidate Binny Samuel.

Education and experience give an edge

Watkins' education and experiences, along with coaching from UCSO on his interview skills and resume, gave him an edge when looking for a summer internship in his desired field.

“I originally saw CIGNA advertising their internships at a UCSO career fair. I gave them my resume, and they selected me for an interview,” he says. Watkins’ networking helped him move up the company’s preference list as he bid for the internship on the UCSO website.

Spending 14 weeks at the Connecticut-based company gave Watkins an opportunity to learn about the varied technologies being used by this one organization. “The internship was great, and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience,” he says.

Career services lay a foundation for the future

The interviewing and networking skills learned through UCSO laid a foundation for Watkin’s future—the summer after he earned his undergraduate degree, Watkins interned with General Mills on their SAP Global Basis Team, a position he gained through the UCSO.

“One of the big takeaways from my summer at General Mills was how different technologies can be integrated to accomplish a task that may not be possible otherwise,” says Watkins. 

Now in the one-year Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree program at Kelley, Watkins continues to work with Khatri as a graduate assistant and is helping Samuel with his dissertation. Applying skills learned through the UCSO and using Graduate Career Services’ online postings and going to their career fairs, Watkins has accepted a fulltime position at Hitachi. He will begin upon graduation, working in either enterprise resource planning systems or business intelligence at their Chicago office.

“The career fairs were the biggest help,” Watkins says. “That is where I first got in contact with Hitachi and I may not have interviewed with them if I didn’t meet them at the career fair.”

Published March 12, 2012