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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Faculty Staff Support Policies

Workstation (Desktop & Laptop) Policies

Technology Operations & Services encourages KSB faculty and staff to purchase and utilize TOS standard PC's with TOS standard images. This allows TOS personnel to expedite troubleshooting and diagnostics when problems occur. It also allows for a homogenous pool of parts and a standardized process for completing repairs and replacements, thus speeding up the support process and ultimately, getting our customers back up and running as quickly as possible. It also allows TOS to maintain a supply of "hot swap" machines that are configured (for the most part) identically to the workstations in use - so while your machine is "in the shop" we can provide you with a very similar machine until yours is ready to be returned. Departments that wish to disregard this suggestion and seek computing equipment through other means are encouraged to look to UITS, or equipment vendor(s) for support.

To enable KSB personnel to excel in their respective endeavors, Technology Operations & Services will periodically (in conjunction with the Workstation Replacement Program) review the computing hardware in place within the Kelley School. As technology advances and software demands continue to tax existing PC capabilities, TOS will make the determination that machines of certain age/speed/ability no longer qualify as adequate or acceptable. Once this declaration has been made and replacement machines have been put in place, TOS will no longer provide support for those "outdated" machines. Currently, TOS will not support any machine rated at or below 2.8 GHz, P 4 desktops &  2.4 GHz P4 laptops. As older machines are replaced, TOS is able to focus on workstations that are current, capable and warranted; i.e. if computer components fail, TOS energies and resources can be dedicated to the physical, hands-on diagnostics and replacement rather than paying for the replacement parts themselves. 

Operating Systems 

In conjunction with Technology Operations & Services' desire to have a homogenous workstation environment (and the Workstation Replacement Program), TOS also encourages users to utilize current operating systems. Currently TOS deploys and supports the Windows XP Professional Operating System. To ensure customer confidence, TOS has developed a process designed to minimize the chance of unintentional loss of critical data. This process includes specific guidelines for the handling of user data by TOS as well as what responsibilities are placed on the customer. When TOS receives a request to upgrade an OS (or to re-image an existing Windows XP imaged machine) we will evaluate the request and confer with the customer to determine the exact scope of the situation. If an upgrade or re-image is applicable, we will ask the customer to read and comply with the "Technology Operations & Services Workstation Re-image Consent Form." This form explains the exact steps that need to be taken by the customer before a re-image can be scheduled. Included on this form is a section that needs to be signed by the customer before we (TOS) will take possession of the machine. By providing information in this manner we are attempting to eliminate the chances of misunderstandings between our staff and our customers; as a direct result we greatly reduce the chance of accidental data loss. For more information, please visit our TOS Forms page and click on our Re-image consent form.

Microsoft Windows 7, Macintosh, etc.

As IU progresses with it's transition to the Windows 7 Operating System in the STC labs and classrooms, TOS will begin the process of migrating KSB faculty & staff to 7 during their normally scheduled upgrade in the Workstation Replacement Program.  Beginning this fall, 2010, users will receive Windows 7 Enterprise on their new machines.  We understand the hesitations associated with moving to a new OS; however, as Microsoft continues it's march to move users away from XP and Vista, and IU's desire to keep abreast of the latest offerings, moving our users to 7 in this manner is the best approach.


While some faculty & staff have expressed a desire to move to the Macintosh platform, TOS is not in a position to offer support beyond the basics of Network Connectivity and Office 2008 installations.  Most Macintosh based, end user questions and issues will need to be addressed to the UITS Support Center at 855-6789 or an authorized Apple repair facility.  As of this time, no support is available for Kelley faculty or staff with regards to:

     Connecting to KSB departmental print servers
     Connecting to KSB departmental file servers (G, K, J, M, etc)
     Software installations/diagnostics
     Hardware repair/service


TOS supports a variety of software applications within the KSB. Primary apps include the Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Windows XP Professional, Vista, & Windows 7, SAS, SPSS, Arcview, Symantec (Norton) Antivirus, Wireless network access clients, and more.

(Departmentally Owned) Printers

Faculty and staff (departmentally owned) printers are supported by TOS, to a degree. TOS will provide the technical expertise to implement repairs and replace parts (as possible), free of charge; however the cost of the parts will be passed onto the department accordingly. In some cases, the cost of replacing a printer will be less than the cost of repairs, so departments should weigh the pros and cons of each printer repair on an individual basis.


Technology Operations & Services maintains departmental accounts for faculty and staff on MS1 for file storage, and on the database and web server for specific needs. Most all other accounts are maintained by UITS (Outlook/Exchange, OnCourse, OneStart, ADS, Dial-in, etc).