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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Classroom Technology Policies

Permanently installed technology classrooms -

Technology Operations currently maintains over 50 classrooms with "fixed" (permanently installed) technology. The equipment list includes: DVD players, VCR's, computers, cassette players, campus cable TV, front screen projection systems, on wall/in ceiling speaker systems, wireless microphones, and video conferencing equipment (in select rooms). NOTE: Not all equipment is available in every room - if you require a specific form of technology, please contact to ensure availability.

Additionally, telephones have been installed in almost every classroom with fixed technology. If an instructor experiences difficulty during (or prior to) class, he or she need only pick up the phone and press the blue speed dial button labeled "Technology Emergency" - one of our staff members will respond as quickly as possible.


  1. KSB classrooms are not available for casual get-togethers; i.e. ballgames, movies, parties, etc., are not appropriate uses of Technology Operations' technology.
  2. Faculty, staff, guest instructors, visiting professors, student organizations holding official academic oriented events, etc., are eligible to use Technology Operations' technology. All student organization reservations require KSB faculty/staff sponsorship.