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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Home-Based Computer Equipment Policies

Technology Operations & Services has supported home-based use of University-owned computer equipment for academic, administrative and research purposes since its inception. Clearly, this is a critical issue for faculty and staff who use such equipment for business related tasks at home. Unfortunately, a number of these systems are woefully below our current minimum level of supported technology (Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz for desktop systems and Intel Core 2 Duo processors for notebook computers).

Experience has shown that older systems (sub Intel Core 2 Duo systems) require an inordinate amount of support for even simple problems. In an effort to maintain a consistent level of service and optimize labor costs, home-based IU computer equipment must meet the aforementioned minimum requirements in order to qualify for support. Furthermore, as replacement costs for deskjet printers has dropped markedly in recent years, home based printers are no longer being supported.

All home-based IU computer equipment must have been purchased through school-sanctioned vendors to qualify for support. Technology Operations & Services provides support for Dell and Lenovo computer systems (desktops and notebooks). University equipment produced by other manufacturers may be serviced through UITS at the owner's expense (RATS account).

Insurance for notebook computers purchased through the University will only be extended to systems which meet minimum KSB support requirements. Insurance for notebook computers that are older/slower than an Intel Core 2 Duo will be discontinued immediately. Users who have systems which no longer meet this minimum specification should take note of this policy.

Equipment loans are only in force for 2 years from the original date the loan form is completed. Facility Operations & Services (BU141) keeps track of these loan forms. Upon expiration of the loan, faculty/staff are contacted and the loan is renewed for an additional 2 years if requested.

Home-based IU computer equipment MUST be disposed of through Technology Operations & Services/Facility Operations & Services. Users MUST return home-based IU computer equipment to Technology Operations & Services for disposal. This equipment SHOULD NEVER be simply thrown away or recycled. Most of these units have an IU asset tag on them and a corresponding record in the University's inventory database. All such equipment MUST be retired through appropriate channels.

Technology Operations & Services recognizes that there may be some residual functional value in many of the home-based IU computer equipment which is no longer supported. Users are encouraged to continue using this equipment until such time as it is functionally obsolete or nonfunctional as a result of a technical problem. At the end of its usable life, users are asked to return equipment to Technology Operations & Services for retirement. Notebook computer users who have unsupported equipment need to remember that it is no longer insured through the University. Therefore, a loss due to damage or theft will be ineligible for replacement.