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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Viruses, Hoaxes, and Spam Policies

The Kelley School of Business (KSB) in conjunction with UITS, takes several steps to prevent the spread of viruses. All of the university e-mail servers have Antigen Anti-virus on them, and during major virus outbreaks, UITS will prevent e-mails with specific attachments/subject lines from entering Indiana University. Technology Operations & Services deploys an anti-virus client on each faculty/staff system and these systems will be automatically scanned by the anti-virus server at 2AM each business day if left on overnight. KSB students are responsible for updating their anti-virus definitions regularly (the university recommends every week) to prevent new viruses. KSB faculty/staff who use computers personally purchased workstations and/or laptops are responsible for updating their definitions regularly. New, aggressive viruses are being released on a daily basis, and Technology Operations is not responsible for any damages to your operating system, data, or other files due to a virus infection. If you believe your machine has been infected, please contact, 855-4247 immediately. Users who intentionally attempt to infect other machines on the KSB network will be subject to a $50 per hour per technician, minimum one hour charge during elimination and repairs, in addition to any UITS action, civil, and/or criminal charges.

Hoaxes are commonly e-mails purporting to warn users about a potential flaw or virus just discovered. They also include chain letters promising financial rewards, and pyramid schemes. KSB asks that users deal with hoax e-mails individually. If you have received a security or virus warning, and are unable to determine its authenticity, faculty and staff should forward the e-mail to for review. Please do NOT pass security e-mails on to members of KSB without verifying their authenticity with Technology Operations & Services. Graduate students receiving such an e-mail should contact UITS at or 812-855-6789.

KSB takes its policy on SPAM directly from the Information Technology Policy Office and UITS has deployed anti-spam software on the Exchange e-mail servers. For questions regarding spam from external addresses, see If you have received spam from an internal IU address ONLY and are a KSB faculty/staff member, please forward the e-mail to Graduate students receiving spam from an internal IU address ONLY should contact UITS at or 812-855-6789.