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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Audit Policy

1.0 Purpose

To provide the authority for members of the Kelley School of Business, Technology Operations & Services team to conduct a security audit on any system at the Kelley School of Business.

Audits may be conducted to:

  • Ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of information and resources
  • Investigate possible security incidents and ensure conformance to our security policies
  • Monitor user or system activity where appropriate.

2.0 Scope

This policy covers all computer and communication devices owned or operated by the Kelley School of Business. This policy also covers any computer and communications device that are present on the Kelley School of Business premises, but which may not be owned or operated by the school.

3.0 Policy

When requested, and for the purpose of performing an audit, any access needed will be provided to members of the Technology Operations & Services team in compliance with Indiana University's ITPO policy IT-07 Privacy of University Information Technology Resources

This access may include:

  • User level and/or system level access to any computing or communications device
  • Access to information (electronic, hardcopy, etc.) that may be produced, transmitted or stored on Kelley School of Business equipment or premises
  • Access to work areas (labs, offices, cubicles, storage areas, etc.)
  • Access to interactively monitor and log traffic on the Kelley School of Business networks.

4.0 Enforcement

Network access will be denied any system not in compliance with this policy and additional sanctions may be levied against any individual(s) who blatantly disregard this policy as stated in the Indiana University ITPO policy IT-02 Sanctions for Misuse or Abuse of Indiana University Technology Resources Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to financial penalties including, but not limited to, charges on personal or departmental RATS accounts for time and labor incurred by Technology Operations & Services in enforcing this policy.